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Europe And The Development Of Humanity

laitman_443Question: From the point of view of Kabbalah, what kind of a place does Europe hold in the general development of humanity?

Answer: Europe holds a central place in the development of humanity after Israel. This is because Europe is a “Babylonian” gathering that is today becoming the most significant appearance of the Tower of Babel. The Europeans want to solve the problem exactly the way it was done in the past by Nimrod, the king of Babylon. But Abraham opposed this and said that there was no benefit to it. So Nimrod drove him out and he went with his disciples to the territory of the present land of Israel.

The founders of the European Union wanted to distribute more money to all the Europeans and thought that everything would be okay, but the Europeans are already different and the immigrants who have moved to live in the nations of Europe are also different. They are not interested in material fulfillments but in ideological or even spiritual fulfillments.

The immigrants want Europe to become Muslim, painting itself in green. If we look at the map of Europe, then everything has a color: A red flag here, a yellow one there, a blue one there, and so forth, whereas the immigrants want everything to be inundated and washed with the color green and they will gradually “impose” their desire. In principle, the clash between Islam and Christianity will lead them to unite and go against Israel.

Question: They will unite to compel Israel to do its work?

Answer: This is the internal program that is inherent in the program of creation, which they themselves don’t know. They really will unite to force Israel to do its work.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 9/19/16

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Secret Of The Middle Line

Laitman_041_01Torah, Deuteronomy 11:12: … a land the Lord, your God, looks after; the eyes of Lord your God are always upon it, from the beginning of the year to the end of the year.

If a person aspires to the middle line, he has no shortage of the right line or the left line. He always can balance them with each other and join them into the middle line.

“From the beginning of the year to the end of the year” means that a person closes all borders at the beginning and the end. He never has unfinished affairs, and the end of his work is always visible.

In other words, the right line comes to the aid of the left line and balances it into the middle line, and the middle line measures itself correctly in order not to be at full height, but only at two-thirds, called VAK. It is only in this way that a person can advance correctly.

All of the measurements will be before us, and we are never wrong in our calculations. This is the secret of the middle line that we need to master.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 6/15/16

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Materialistic Egoism And Spiritual Egoism

laitman_571_03Question: Do states of ascent and descent happen equally among men and women or are they different for women?

Answer: The same adjustments and connections exist for men and women.

In our world there is a difference between men and women in materialistic circumstances, but in spirituality there is no difference.

Everything that we see in our world is completely irrelevant in spirituality, not food, sex, family, knowledge, control, or honor, or physical forces or special internal forces.

The materialistic ego is designed only to serve the perishable body, while in the spiritual world this is not so. In the spiritual world we receive an absolutely different egoism, which reveals the Creator to us.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 5/15/16

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Can I Manage The World?

laitman_283_01Question: Can I manage the world? If so, how can I do it?

Answer: This is what the wisdom of Kabbalah is for. It tells us about it in absolute truthfulness in all the sources.

If you learn how you can influence the world, you will be able to do it. What is more, anyone can do it according to the way he perceives the wisdom of Kabbalah.

It should be stressed that you will be able to influence the world only in a positive way, since at the moment you are influencing it in a negative way. If we don’t intervene in the management of the world, we affect it negatively, but if we have the ability to intervene, it will only be in a positive way.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 5/29/16

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Is There Any Contact With Those Who Departed This World?

laitman_276_02Question: Can there be any contact with those who studied the wisdom of Kabbalah and passed away?

Answer: Our world is not a barrier when it comes to feeling the whole creation. You don’t feel the whole world now, the whole system, but you will be able to do so with time. An internal attribute will be revealed in you by which you will feel the whole universe while still living in this world.

Then you will leave this life and will feel the world not only through your body. The reason is that we don’t feel the upper world through the body but by senses that are created through the soul. When you leave the corporeal body, the soul doesn’t undergo any changes and will continue your spiritual path, your development, just the way it is even without a body.

Therefore, it is important that you discover the Creator once while living in your body and then you will be able to move onward.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 5/8/16

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How Can We Be Happy?

laitman_576_01Question: Will I be happy in the future?

Answer: You can be happy, not in the future, but today together with us if we all connect and make each other feel happy. If you don’t think about your own happiness but about the happiness of others, about what you want to give them, you will feel happy. You simply need to learn how to do it. It is impossible to attain happiness any other way.

Question: Is it possible to share happiness?

Answer: In our world it means tearing something off yourself and giving to another, while in spirituality if you share your happiness with someone, your happiness doubles. This is a wonderful opportunity to increase your happiness! Share it with others.

Question: Sometimes a person is afraid to be happy and to experience the feeling of happiness because he knows that it can fade away. How can we feel happy all the time and not be afraid?

Answer: Don’t be afraid of anything. If you gradually acquire the Kabbalistic method, you will get used to feeling that you are in a sea of the upper Light, of goodness, of happiness and wholeness, of love toward you. Try to feel it all the time and thus mutually cooperate with it. It is best to do it through your friends. Then you will feel that there is nothing to fear and that there is no evil in the world. We are in a sea of the Light of Ein Sof (Infinity).

Question: Is it possible to feel happiness while alone?

Answer: It is impossible when you are totally alone because the correction is only in a person’s connection with all of humanity, so that through the connection he can convey the upper Light to all of humanity. Then he resembles the Creator and can be His partner. It is important to be connected to others even virtually. This is also enough.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 6/19/16

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Time And Space According To The Wisdom Of Kabbalah

laitman_928Question: How are time and space measured according to the wisdom of Kabbalah?

Answer: In the wisdom of Kabbalah, time is not measured with astronomic hours; rather, it is according to the number of spiritual states called ascents and descents.

Time is a function of the intensity and frequency of the integration of a person in a group. The group is an amplifier of the intensity of the Upper Light, and the frequency of integration grows accordingly. It is possible to move the same distance in ten years or ten minutes.

Spiritual distance is not measured according to parsecs, kilometers, miles, or inches, but by the difference in intensity between the egoistic levels.

Suppose a person is on a particular level and later on a higher level. The difference between the levels is the spiritual distance. What this means is that distance is the difference between the spiritual potentials of a body that is sometimes found in one state and sometimes in another state.


Question: What is the connection between time and egoism?

Answer: Time depends on the intensity of the operation of the ego. A person can accelerate or slow down time; it doesn’t change by itself. If a person doesn’t take any action, he doesn’t go forward in time. Therefore, spiritual time is equal to zero until a person begins to create it within himself. Time, like every other parameter, depends only on me.


When a person is within a group, the upper force, the Light is in the center of the group, and time is determined according to the strength of the longing that a person has for the center of the group. This means that time is a function of the strength of his longing.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 5/15/16

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Blitz Of Kabbalah Tips – 5/1/16

Laitman_045Question: Does a person need to change himself or not?

Answer: A person needs to change himself in accordance with the Creator.

Question: What must I do if I am sick and tired of my delusion?

Answer: You have not yet begun to participate. It is up to you to apply it to your development.

Question: I am very much afraid that the higher system will punish me because of wrongdoings against other people. I torture myself because of this. What must I do?

Answer: It is absolutely forbidden to punish yourself and think about punishment that allegedly is waiting for you in the future. It is not. A person must think only about how to do something good for himself, for his soul.

Question: We know what a crime is in this world. What is a crime in the spiritual world?

Answer: In the spiritual world, there is only one type of crime: not moving closer to people to discover the Creator within them. There is only one commandment, that is, one good deed and an evil one. A good deed is when you pull together with other people and reveal the Creator in this approach, and an evil deed is an action opposite to this.

Question: You say, “By correcting ourselves, we correct the whole world,” but you yourself are changing, but wars continue. What can be done?

Answer: What can you do; I am not yet corrected.

Question: As one ages, why does a person become more and more lonely?

Answer: This is because no one needs him. We should make sure that people need us so that we could help them. If all goes well, you will not feel lonely.

Question: Are we “angels” to each other managed by the Creator without freewill?

Answer: We truly are angels to each other. But, when I come in contact with other people, learning from their properties, these properties being angels within them, then these properties come alive within me.

Question: It is physically difficult to communicate with people who get tired after a few minutes of conversation. Can the wisdom of Kabbalah help me?

Answer: Certainly, you will be talking more with each other and with the Creator.

Question: What does the wisdom of Kabbalah recommend for achieving maximal success in communication? How do you interpret the term, “communications genius,” a person who has achieved maximal success in communication?

Answer: Everything depends on the way that you imagine the surrounding world. If you look at everything as a theatrical performance behind which the Creator is standing, you will begin to relate to others like this, trying to connect with them and, through them, with the Creator. Then, everything will be simply wonderful.

Read the article “There is None Else Besides Him” and a few other such articles from the book Shamati, and you will find the correct attitude to people, and you will be all right.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 5/1/16

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Where Does The Program Of Development Lead Us? Part 1

laitman_538Question:  Despite all the material abundance that modern technologies provide us with, people are not happier than in the past. Quite to the contrary.

Depression and stress are becoming increasingly widespread; many people are losing any direction in life, do not want to have children or work for the material acquisitions their parents valued so much. The future of humanity is becoming unclear and foggy. Where does the program of development lead us?

Answer: Today’s state is wonderful as humanity is starting to realize that its development, driven by the growth of egoism and the forces of the egoistic mind, heart, thought, and desire, is ending. Throughout history, egoism pushed us ahead and forced us to develop many types of sciences and various technologies: from a simple stick and wheel to the most ingenious and sophisticated devices.

We reached outer space and descended into the depths of the ocean, invented powerful computers, created exquisite paintings, music, and other works of art, and built towers almost a kilometer high. We can easily sail or fly around the globe.

A man can board a plane and fly from one continent to another with ease. It seems that with such unlimited possibilities we should be able to create a wonderful life on this earth. Modern technological development allows us to work only a couple of hours a day or even less to provide ourselves with all necessities.

At the same time, we can see that nature pushed us toward this development and forced us to invent the means of destruction, all kinds of weapons. All inventions eventually are turning against us. It is obvious even in music, painting, ballet, and sport, which has been transformed from a game, pleasure, and beauty into quarrels and rivalry.

Instead of elevating, religions stir up hatred of each other, stultify, and separate us. All “achievements” of humanity, from material to seemingly most spiritual ones, are not directed at man’s benefit.

That’s because our foundation is egoistic, evil. Despite our advanced mind, feelings, and talents that allow us to develop many useful things, ultimately, we turn everything into the detriment of the other. That is how our nature manifests itself, and for this reason it is called the “evil inclination.”

Therefore, eventually we become disillusioned with our development and see that the crisis widens and deepens. On the other hand, this state shows us how badly we need change. However, we can’t tame our nature. Any innovation in the state or social order or in the family ultimately appears to be much worse than everything there was before.

As a result, we despair and throw our hands into the air, refusing to do anything. We do not want to get married and bear children. Governments understand that they are not able to govern their countries and just pretend that they do. Everybody pulls to his side, according to his vision, and the results are obvious.

It means that we have reached the recognition of the evil of human nature. In this case, it is better to sit and do nothing, at least you won’t make it worse. That is why humanity instinctively started to get disappointed and slowed down its development. It is especially felt in economics and international trade.

Many young people have no aspiration to have more than what they have and prefer to live with their parents, not burdening themselves with family and obligations. They do not want to work and are ready to live on a small allowance; they do not develop, and are not interested in history, culture, or art, seeing no meaning in all this.

It is already obvious that such things do not bring fulfillment; on the contrary, all new inventions bring even stronger recognition of their evil.

The modern generation is disappointed, not knowing how to solve this problem. For the time being, it is very skeptical and does not want to listen to any advice. They have already despaired of all previous development, but the pain from their own inactivity is not sufficient yet. Gradually the soil gets cultivated, into which the seeds of a new development offered by the wisdom of Kabbalah will be sowed.
From a TV Program “A New Life,” No. 767, 9/6/2016

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