Europe And The Development Of Humanity

laitman_443Question: From the point of view of Kabbalah, what kind of a place does Europe hold in the general development of humanity?

Answer: Europe holds a central place in the development of humanity after Israel. This is because Europe is a “Babylonian” gathering that is today becoming the most significant appearance of the Tower of Babel. The Europeans want to solve the problem exactly the way it was done in the past by Nimrod, the king of Babylon. But Abraham opposed this and said that there was no benefit to it. So Nimrod drove him out and he went with his disciples to the territory of the present land of Israel.

The founders of the European Union wanted to distribute more money to all the Europeans and thought that everything would be okay, but the Europeans are already different and the immigrants who have moved to live in the nations of Europe are also different. They are not interested in material fulfillments but in ideological or even spiritual fulfillments.

The immigrants want Europe to become Muslim, painting itself in green. If we look at the map of Europe, then everything has a color: A red flag here, a yellow one there, a blue one there, and so forth, whereas the immigrants want everything to be inundated and washed with the color green and they will gradually “impose” their desire. In principle, the clash between Islam and Christianity will lead them to unite and go against Israel.

Question: They will unite to compel Israel to do its work?

Answer: This is the internal program that is inherent in the program of creation, which they themselves don’t know. They really will unite to force Israel to do its work.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 9/19/16

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