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World Though The Prism Of The Common Desire

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is the collective perception of reality?

Let’s say I am a biological organism consisting of billions of cells that are united and that is how I perceive the world. But each cell in me somehow perceives the world as well. Could it be compared with how the individual perceives the world and how the society perceives it? How does the Kabbalist perceive the world?

Answer: Our body organically perceives the world though all its pores, though all its cells, though all its organs of perception: sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch.

A Kabbalist perceives the world though the common desire, which consists of both the still, vegetative, animate, and human desires taken together. That is, to some extent, a Kabbalist perceives everything that exists in the universe as his own. For the most part, it is humanity’s desire that he feels as his own.

And it is not easy at all. This imposes a big change in his impressions of the world, brings corresponding reactions within him. Baal HaSulam writes that he feels everything within himself, on himself, but not at the level of separate sensations.

Let’s say there are ten children in the family, everybody has their needs, and the mother as if feels all of her children. She feels in general: what they lack, what is best for them, and so on. She does not feel the individual egoism of each, but in general, this desire, their aspiration, and the opportunity she can give them.
From a virtual lesson in Russian 7/10/2016

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“Physicists Investigate The Structure Of Time, With Implications For Quantum Mechanics …”

Laitman_083In the News ( “Although in theory it may seem possible to divide time up into infinitely tiny intervals, the smallest physically meaningful interval of time is widely considered to be the Planck time, which is approximately 10-43 seconds. This ultimate limit means that it is not possible for two events to be separated by a time smaller than this.

“But now in a new paper, … physicists have demonstrated that the existence of such a minimum time alters the basic equations of quantum mechanics, and as quantum mechanics describes all physical systems at a very small scale, this would change the description of all quantum mechanical systems. …

“The scientists also suggest that the proposed changes to the basic equations of quantum mechanics would modify the very definition of time. …

“On a more philosophical level, the argument that time is discrete suggests that our perception of time as something that is continuously flowing is just an illusion.

“’The physical universe is really like a movie/motion picture, in which a series of still images shown on a screen creates the illusion of moving images,’ Faizal said. ‘Thus, if this view is taken seriously, then our conscious precipitation of physical reality based on continuous motion becomes an illusion produced by a discrete underlying mathematical structure.’”

My Comment: The discreteness of everything is determined by the fact that the basis of nature is the Upper Light, which is divided into an infinite number of parts of desire, but the Light itself is continuous, eternal, and perfect.

It is felt as discrete by the person perceiving it because a person’s desire comprehends all as graduated within the limits of his sensitivity.

We can speak only about how we perceive, not about what phenomena are in themselves as they are outside of our perception.

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New Life #484 – Choosing Discovery Of The Creator And Concern For Humanity

New Life #484 – Choosing Discovery Of The Creator And Concern For Humanity
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Tal Mandelbaum ben Moshe


Question: Besides the heavy obligations, does belonging to the “chosen people” give the Jews any advantages, benefits, or “concessions”? What is good about being the chosen people?

Answer: We cannot simply refuse and reject our mission: neither those who belong to the Jewish people today nor the twelve tribes who were lost almost 2,500 years ago. We cannot hide from our role; we are obligated to carry it out.

Being or not being chosen doesn’t depend on us. We only have to look at where it is possible to add our independent participation, thanks to which we will come to a good and calm life so that everyone will understand and appreciate us. This is not in the sense that we will be superior to others, but that they will aspire to the same goal and become included in the same process.

We cannot escape. In any case, we must carry out our role. Nothing will help, not hiding from it or dying, but only fulfilling our mission.

Question: Does this mean that being chosen signifies that we discover the plan of development of life and act accordingly, making it possible to achieve success in everything? In what way is the daily life of someone who discovers the plan of development distinguished?

Answer: A person like this will understand where he is, how to connect correctly with people, how to build a more and more secure basis at every moment for an even greater revelation of the upper force. He constantly advances toward discovery of the upper force within him, and this fills him with higher knowledge and emotion. All of his desires and thoughts will be directed only toward it.

Even today we unconsciously yearn for and only aspire to the revelation of the upper force. We think we supposedly want food, sex, success, family welfare, money, honor, and knowledge. But in fact, in all of this we are searching for the unique taste of the upper force.

And now thanks to this we are alive; we feel the taste of the Creator in everything. Everything, every object that brings us pleasure contains a microscopic detection of the Creator. But if we want to feel the full extent of this so that it will fulfill all of our desires and thoughts, revealing the entire perspective of the future, to do this we must prepare ourselves, meaning we must connect with the environment correctly.

Question: Throughout the history of the Jewish people, there have been many sages in every generation who sought and explored the upper force. This was the lot of the greatest minds of the generation, the elite. But is it possible that now every person on the face of the Earth can attain the Creator, all seven billion people?

Answer: First the seven million Jews in Israel must reveal the Creator and show everyone that they have this power. All of the people will feel it. The moment the people of Israel begin to advance toward the revelation of the Creator, all of humanity will freeze with tense expectation, understanding that after the Jews achieve this discovery, it will pass to all the peoples.

Question: So what is this “chosen people”?

Answer: The chosen people are a people who choose the revelation of the Creator and a concern for all of humanity, for this is the purpose of the discovery,: the revelation of the upper force, the general power of nature, to all people. This is our obligation, and then everyone will truly be happy. They will transcend the concept of time, movement, and space, thus exiting to another dimension.
From KabTV’s “New Life #484 – Choosing Discovery Of The Creator And Concern For Humanity,” 12/28/14

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Be Stiffnecked No More

laitman_221Question: It is written, “You shall circumcise the foreskin of your heart, therefore, and be no more stiffnecked” (Torah, Deuteronomy 10:16). What does being “stiffnecked” mean?

Answer: A person must increase his sensitivity to the things he can correct and act in this direction, not stand stubbornly in one place. In other words, it is necessary to try to be connected to the Upper Light of Hassadim so that it will dilute a person’s qualities and will give him an opportunity to see the best way to use them.

After all, in entering the land of Israel, a person begins to work with his qualities of reception, which are very hard and heavy qualities.

The land of Israel is the heaviest part of the joint Malchut, joint desires, and it isn’t simple to work with them.

Therefore, it is written, “be no more stiffnecked,” don’t be headstrong, but try gradually to dilute, as with water, these huge, difficult-to-correct desires with the Light of Hassadim. Then, you will see that it is possible gradually to work with them.
From KabTV program “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 6/1/16

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Absolute Faith

Laitman_043Question: Can the a person’s life be lengthened if he studies the wisdom of Kabbalah and is particularly concerned about not having enough time to attain spiritual perfection in his lifetime?

Answer: That shows an absolute lack of faith!

First and foremost, one needs to free himself from concerns, because if he is under the control of the Creator, and besides Him there is no force, nobody besides Him, and He is good and benevolent, there is no reason for questions of this kind about what will happen to him in another minute and will he achieve something or not.

The condition, “There is none else beside Him” (Deuteronomy 4:35), the absolute good, completely prevents a person from having all kinds of egoistic questions. He is left with only one single question: How can a person become His associate, helper, guarantor to carry out His will in the world? Because I can implement them because I am in this world. We need to ask for only one thing: for the Creator to dictate His desires to us and that we will bring them to all of humanity. This is the function of a Kabbalist or, if you will, a prophet.

Question: Which is to say, a Kabbalist cannot ask for good health for his relatives and for himself?

Answer: If this is imperative, he can ask, but what is the use if the Creator is responsible for it?

If the Creator did that so that a person will ask Him, then he will ask. In other words, it is up to the person to search and understand why all of this is happening and to request to be directed toward the Light and correction.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 5/15/16

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