New Life #484 – Choosing Discovery Of The Creator And Concern For Humanity

New Life #484 – Choosing Discovery Of The Creator And Concern For Humanity
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Tal Mandelbaum ben Moshe


Question: Besides the heavy obligations, does belonging to the “chosen people” give the Jews any advantages, benefits, or “concessions”? What is good about being the chosen people?

Answer: We cannot simply refuse and reject our mission: neither those who belong to the Jewish people today nor the twelve tribes who were lost almost 2,500 years ago. We cannot hide from our role; we are obligated to carry it out.

Being or not being chosen doesn’t depend on us. We only have to look at where it is possible to add our independent participation, thanks to which we will come to a good and calm life so that everyone will understand and appreciate us. This is not in the sense that we will be superior to others, but that they will aspire to the same goal and become included in the same process.

We cannot escape. In any case, we must carry out our role. Nothing will help, not hiding from it or dying, but only fulfilling our mission.

Question: Does this mean that being chosen signifies that we discover the plan of development of life and act accordingly, making it possible to achieve success in everything? In what way is the daily life of someone who discovers the plan of development distinguished?

Answer: A person like this will understand where he is, how to connect correctly with people, how to build a more and more secure basis at every moment for an even greater revelation of the upper force. He constantly advances toward discovery of the upper force within him, and this fills him with higher knowledge and emotion. All of his desires and thoughts will be directed only toward it.

Even today we unconsciously yearn for and only aspire to the revelation of the upper force. We think we supposedly want food, sex, success, family welfare, money, honor, and knowledge. But in fact, in all of this we are searching for the unique taste of the upper force.

And now thanks to this we are alive; we feel the taste of the Creator in everything. Everything, every object that brings us pleasure contains a microscopic detection of the Creator. But if we want to feel the full extent of this so that it will fulfill all of our desires and thoughts, revealing the entire perspective of the future, to do this we must prepare ourselves, meaning we must connect with the environment correctly.

Question: Throughout the history of the Jewish people, there have been many sages in every generation who sought and explored the upper force. This was the lot of the greatest minds of the generation, the elite. But is it possible that now every person on the face of the Earth can attain the Creator, all seven billion people?

Answer: First the seven million Jews in Israel must reveal the Creator and show everyone that they have this power. All of the people will feel it. The moment the people of Israel begin to advance toward the revelation of the Creator, all of humanity will freeze with tense expectation, understanding that after the Jews achieve this discovery, it will pass to all the peoples.

Question: So what is this “chosen people”?

Answer: The chosen people are a people who choose the revelation of the Creator and a concern for all of humanity, for this is the purpose of the discovery,: the revelation of the upper force, the general power of nature, to all people. This is our obligation, and then everyone will truly be happy. They will transcend the concept of time, movement, and space, thus exiting to another dimension.
From KabTV’s “New Life #484 – Choosing Discovery Of The Creator And Concern For Humanity,” 12/28/14

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