“Physicists Investigate The Structure Of Time, With Implications For Quantum Mechanics …”

Laitman_083In the News (PHYS.org): “Although in theory it may seem possible to divide time up into infinitely tiny intervals, the smallest physically meaningful interval of time is widely considered to be the Planck time, which is approximately 10-43 seconds. This ultimate limit means that it is not possible for two events to be separated by a time smaller than this.

“But now in a new paper, … physicists have demonstrated that the existence of such a minimum time alters the basic equations of quantum mechanics, and as quantum mechanics describes all physical systems at a very small scale, this would change the description of all quantum mechanical systems. …

“The scientists also suggest that the proposed changes to the basic equations of quantum mechanics would modify the very definition of time. …

“On a more philosophical level, the argument that time is discrete suggests that our perception of time as something that is continuously flowing is just an illusion.

“’The physical universe is really like a movie/motion picture, in which a series of still images shown on a screen creates the illusion of moving images,’ Faizal said. ‘Thus, if this view is taken seriously, then our conscious precipitation of physical reality based on continuous motion becomes an illusion produced by a discrete underlying mathematical structure.’”

My Comment: The discreteness of everything is determined by the fact that the basis of nature is the Upper Light, which is divided into an infinite number of parts of desire, but the Light itself is continuous, eternal, and perfect.

It is felt as discrete by the person perceiving it because a person’s desire comprehends all as graduated within the limits of his sensitivity.

We can speak only about how we perceive, not about what phenomena are in themselves as they are outside of our perception.

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