One Percent That Made A Human From A Monkey, Part 2

Laitman_182_02The ultimate goal of evolution, its program, remains hidden from a person. Everyone naively believes that he knows where he is going, or simply doesn’t want to know. People are already disappointed in all of this life and prefer to go with the flow passively—today is the same as yesterday, until life ends.

We give birth to the next generation without thinking about its meaning, but simply fulfilling the program embedded in us. Nobody can answer why we need this life that isn’t easy, and why all this race? No answer, we prefer not to think about it.

The protective force of the body suppresses this question and doesn’t allow us to ask too much. After all, this question reduces us to the degree that is lower than animals. Animals don’t have this question; they act automatically according to their natural program. But people can’t live like this, they ask, and can’t find an answer.

That is why this question is very depressing to us; it shows us our own insignificance and worthlessness. Animals don’t ask questions, they simply live. Humans, however, try to find out what force enlivens us and why we are the way we are? We don’t know the answer, and yet we have to continue living and realize someone’s program.

This is a very humiliating form of life that brings us a lot of suffering. If we compare ourselves with a monkey, we see that it is much higher than a human. After all, a human knows that his life is meaningless and nevertheless continues to live. He fulfills the program of nature that is imposed on him. A monkey, however, knows nothing about this and therefore lives in harmony with nature. With every action that I perform at the order of nature, I confirm that I am worse than a monkey, since I don’t understand, but nevertheless act.

Therefore, nowadays a person runs out of patience and asks, “How much longer will it continue like this? Why? What is this suffering for?” If I hadn’t suffered, I would live my life somehow. But the problem is that we suffer all the time, from birth to death, and today this suffering increases more and more.

It seems that we have everything, but the question about the meaning of life awakens more and more forcing us into a deep depression. Poor, pathetic people, they are smaller than ants because all the creatures act instinctively, without asking, in full agreement with nature.

And in us nature left a question, as if mocking us. It makes us obey it fully, and it laughs and says, “Look what I am doing with you, and you have nowhere to escape!” It turns out that we simply must answer the question about the meaning of life.

One percent of the genetic difference between a human and monkey are just the external differences. The question about the meaning of life isn’t in this one percent. Animals also differ from each other genetically, so this is not the reason at all. The reason is that this question lives in the human and it evokes in him a great need to know what is the basis of life, the cause of it, and the purpose for which we live? We just have to find the answer.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 9/6/16

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  1. One percent? What one percent? No such one percent, obviously. ah money! It will justify the craziest belief and support for the worst deeds and atrocities. As usual. as with everyone. Money drives people faith. so obvious. such a lack of consistency hidden behind so called hidden secrets. My early diagnosis was totally correct.

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