One Percent That Made A Human From A Monkey, Part 4

laitman_754Animals live in the current moment and don’t feel past, present, and future. They have a very short memory, and they can’t know what happened to their ancestors a thousand years ago or what could happen in a thousand years. They don’t care about the distant future, and they do not sit on international committees discussing the future of the world.

A human, however, constantly worries about his future or regrets the past and almost never lives in the current moment. It turns out that we are worse off than animals. If we knew the answer to the questions: Why do we live, where did we come from, and where we are going?, we would have been higher than animals because we would see the whole perspective.

But we don’t know this and every moment we ask ourselves about the purpose of our existence, which makes us the most miserable creatures. Nature won’t allow us to concentrate on the current moment, but makes us explore the past and the future in order to discover our source and ultimate goal.

We don’t want to be tied to our body and live like animals. Human life is not limited to one physical existence; a person wants to see the entire world from end to end, to see the future and understand why he lives.

The law of cause and effect acts everywhere in nature; each phenomenon has its cause and effect. I also want to know what the cause of my life is and what is its effect? Why was I born? There must be an answer to this question established in nature, because everything in it is consistent and obeys higher logic.

If nature develops such a clever and unique creature as a human and gives him such questions, it means he is obliged to find the solution and discover what he is living for and why.

Question: Doesn’t a chimpanzee want to find out why it is living?

Answer: No, chimpanzees only care about how to live this moment better, how to establish a life for themselves and their descendants, but nothing more. Animals even care for their children only for a short time. Then the young grow and the connection between them and their parents ends.

Question: So it turns out that all the special abilities of a human have a completely different purpose that we are looking for, but haven’t found yet?

Answer: Of course! Nature designated a special mission to us that we haven’t discovered yet. We are probably not yet ready to use it correctly, and therefore, it remains concealed from us. However, questions we ask ourselves now and the disappointments we face push us to develop, causing us to clarify this question and answer it. This is the main task of the current period.

Question: Does this explain the chaos that rules everywhere now?

Answer: Crisis” means the birth of a new degree. This is the correct translation of the word.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 9/6/16

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