One Percent That Made A Human From A Monkey, Part 3

Laitman_088Question: It is not by chance that the human level is called “speaking” in Kabbalah, since speech is what distinguishes humans from animals. We can talk, express our desires and thoughts. However, it turns out that animals, and especially monkeys, also have their own language. How is it different from human language?

Answer: Animals have their own languages within the framework required for their lives. They don’t feel any need for anything more.

Animal language passes between each other all the information relevant for their lives, existence, and the maintenance of relationships between them. Whereas for the people, the most important thing is to convey information to each other about our development.

This is why human language must be very rich and complemented by pictures, drawings, writing, all sorts of characters, singing, and the transfer of information through written letters and other types of memory.

Our development obligates us to this. An animal is attached to the current moment in which it presently lives. A human, however, feels the connection with the past and the future, and therefore he requires some kind of addition to his memory that will help him store the information and pass it on from one generation to another and within a few generations. This is the only way he can advance.

Although this is not the most important thing in a human. We haven’t yet touched the main difference between a human and an animal, which is his special and high destiny. So far we are discussing only things that distinguish us from animals in this material life: language, culture, education, building human society and government with all its systems.

All this was developed by people and organized naturally, and it is present in different cultures: in South America, China, Africa, and Oceania.

But the special destiny of human is reaching the human level that is called Adam (Man). This is not an animal that is just a little more developed. All human life that raises him above the animal level is to know the source of his life, its cause and purpose.

These are the questions that separate man from any animal, including the chimpanzee. A monkey doesn’t ask itself about the meaning of its life and therefore it doesn’t develop. And the human does, and this question forces him to create religions, beliefs, contact with the hidden forces, to look for something that exists outside of this world, life on the other planets, and to think what will happen to him after death.

A person is extremely concerned with these questions. That is, he is not attached to the current moment only, to this physical, material life. On the contrary, he is ready to dedicate his entire life to find out with whom he is really connected. Who is he? Who controls and obligates him? What is he living for? What is this program that constantly pushes him to develop and makes him ask about the purpose of life and its meaning?

This part of a person develops more and more and demands an answer.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 9/6/16

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