Will Artificial Intelligence Replace People?

laitman_256Question: It is claimed that soon automation and robots will displace most working professions and people will be left with only creative professions. What is your opinion about this?

Answer: This is the natural way of advancement. In our time, technology, automation, and robotics are taking the place of human labor. While in the past machines performed only mechanical actions, now they can take on tasks that match human logic and provide technological guidance. It is possible to see ships, airplanes, and missiles run automatically. Soon cars will travel on the highways without drivers. This doesn’t require special understanding or technology, but only sensors, guidance, and coordination. The person will be totally freed for the necessary spiritual work.

Question: What will happen if artificial intelligence becomes higher than human intelligence? They say that this will happen in the next ten years.

Answer: This will indeed be higher; already a computer calculates faster than a person. But we are not talking about that, but about spiritual attainment. The computer can never replace people in spiritual work. Everything else is corporeal and the normal functioning of life that can be easily programmed and connected to a machine.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 4/10/16

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