The Genetic Map Of Humanity, Part 4

laitman_610_1Is It Possible To Decode The Spiritual Gene?

Question: Does the spiritual system include in itself all people’s desires that were ever realized or will be realized? Does it mean that every desire that appears in me comes from this spiritual system that defines what I want at the moment? Does it control our entire life?

Answer: The spiritual system controls our entire life 100 percent.

Question: Is there a spiritual DNA in every person?

Answer: Of course, otherwise there wouldn’t be material DNA. Spiritual DNA connects me with the spiritual system.

Question: Does it drive us as if by remote control?

Answer: No, it isn’t far away, we exist right within this system. It isn’t in some other place, but between us and inside us, connecting us with each other. There are no concepts of time, movement, space, or distance in spirituality.

Question: Is it possible to read spiritual DNA the way geneticists decode material genomes? What information is recorded there?

Answer: The entire path that I need to go through from this moment to my final correction is recorded there. Final correction is such a state where everybody is connected together above egoism into one desire that is called a man, Adam.

Our spiritual DNAs are in one system and influence each other. Therefore, we in this world enter various relationships that, unknowingly to us, the spiritual DNA dictates.

In the corrected system all desires are connected so that each one completes all others. We are talking about desires, not about bodies. The body will die sooner or later, and so what? And our desires connect into one system that is called Adam.

Question: And does a desire of a person die?

Answer: No. Desire is a force and a force doesn’t die. It continues to reincarnate in different bodies.

Question: Which one is more important and in control, spiritual or material DNA?

Answer: Spiritual DNA controls everything, including material DNA.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 7/12/16

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