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And The Rich Will Weep

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: In the modern world people listen to those who are very wealthy. How can you be heard of if you are not rich?

Answer: The world is advancing toward a great crisis, so the rich will soon have nothing to say as their wealth will gradually cease to be an influential factor.

The wealthy fear what is happening in society now just as you do. After all, as we advance toward a state in which we begin to live on a small allowance we will have almost no interaction with them. In the future a a large country and the whole world will live on small allowances, and then it will not matter whether you are rich or poor.

I hope that people will begin to understand that filling does not depend on money. Money itself cannot be a filling even in our corporeal world.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 4/3/16

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Adam And Eve

Dr. Michael LaitmanComment: It says that the Creator created Adam, as if he is a collective figure that resembles the Creator.

Answer: The attitude of the Creator to the creation is called Adam. And the created being is Eve (Havah), i.e., it is already present, the desire to receive.

Comment: According to The Book of Zohar, Adam is a combination of the male and the female parts.

Answer: That’s right, but the female part in a man is concealed. Of course it stems from the Creator but not directly, not as something from nothing.

Comment: In the past there were organisms that impregnated themselves and then divided into a male and female part.

Answer: We can still see this phenomenon in nature. Now many species in the animal world change their sex from male to female and vice versa depending on the need to continue the species.

Question: Does this correlate with what The Book of Zohar says about the unity of the male and the female parts?

Answer: No. The Book of Zohar tells us only about spiritual states. How their effects are manifested in our world—here there are many options.

When the desire began to develop it was divided into a male and a female part, which led to the emergence of people who were males and females in our world and who have to mate  to have offspring.

It is only by the mating of two opposite separate independent elements of nature that the emergence of a third element is possible, similarly to the way the two lines, the right and the left lines, generate the middle line.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 4/24/16

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Woman – A Mystery Of Nature

laitman_547_06The woman is mystery of nature since she symbolizes our desire to receive, a desire that is concealed in us and is revealed only to the extent that we reveal the Creator. Therefore, if we yearn to discover the Creator, we reveal the feminine.

We will not be able to understand a woman until we attain this truth, because the feminine was created by the Creator and is the only thing He created, “and God created woman,” whereas the male is a little different from the Creator and exists in the world only in order to fertilize the woman, to fill her, to generate birth, so that eventually the female desire to receive and the male desire to bestow (the points in the heart) will appear in them in the corrected mutual state called their child.

This process takes place when the feminine is ready for correction, while the male merely fulfills his intermediary role. This is the reason that the woman, the feminine, the desire to receive, is nature’s mystery, which a Kabbalist gradually discovers to what extent she is opposite from the Creator and to what extent he can make her resemble the Creator.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 4/24/16

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Corporeal Life And Spiritual Development

Laitman_414Question: Can a person yearn for wealth and prosperity in his corporeal life and at the same time for spiritual growth? Can these two desires coexist?

Answer: No they cannot. First, a person must work for a living and provide for his family, and only then strive for the next state. Spiritual advancement should not be fulfilled at the expense of the family.

If you have a family, you have no right to neglect it; your children, wife and parents need material support. You have to work seriously to bring your whole salary home, to the last penny! Only after distributing it to the needs of your family, can you be free to engage in the wisdom the Kabbalah.

What is more, a Kabbalist must work not only in order to provide for his family, but also in order to be connected through his work with other people. He must be grounded.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 4/3/16

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Fear Of Growing Up

Laitman_088In the News (Pacific Standard): The Peter Pan Syndrome was one of the best-selling books of the early 1980s. In it, psychologist Dan Kiley argued that teenage boys were increasingly reluctant to grow up and accept adult responsibilities.

“Any hope that this might be a short-lived phenomenon is refuted by new research. It finds that, compared to previous generations, today’s university students — both male and female — consider maturity a minefield they are in no hurry to start navigating.

“‘Today’s emerging adults seem reluctant to take on life’s next chapter,’ concludes a research team led by Miami University psychologist April Smith. ‘Undergraduates today experience more fear related to facing the demands of adult life than undergraduates in the past.'”

Answer: When I was young, it was the opposite. We wanted to be grownups so much, to start working, to do something, to aspire for something, to discover something. Schools seemed like a prison to us, while today it is the other way around; the young want to remain the way they are because they have everything.

They are locked inside their cell phone screens or computers and are in fact trapped in a cage that provides a filling they cannot give up. Of course they don’t want to break away from the screen because if they can spend all their free time in front of the small screen like small kids, they have no need for anything else.

The average amount of time in which a person can work, discover, and “conquer” the world is between 20 to 60 years, but there is nothing that attracts the youth these days.

In the past when we were that age, we dreamed about being pilots or astronauts. And then all of a sudden everyone began to regard pilots as taxi drivers who merely transport passengers back and forth.  And astronauts? They merely fly, orbit in space, land, and that’s it. People lost the yearning for romanticism, for a special filling, and nothing in this world attracts them anymore.

We are developing very quickly and we understand that there is nothing in our world that can fill us. Although we don’t fully understand it yet, we do feel it.

Humanity is moving in two directions: one is determined by the elite who see what is going on and try to organize and manage everything, but don’t know how to cope with the economic crisis and aspire to reduce the number of people on this planet in non-military ways. This is what humanity can do, and there are no other solutions since people don’t understand what is going on.

The other direction is determined by the wisdom of Kabbalah, according to which humanity is in the midst of a very meaningful evolutionary phase, in the transition and an ascent to the next level. According to the wisdom of Kabbalah, our consciousness has to change; we can and we should change our attitude to the world and to each other.

When my generation looks at young people today, it is hard to understand what they engage in, and  they don’t understand us. We seem to be living on two differ planes. They have their own interests and we have ours.

We can see this as an ordinary generation gap between fathers and sons, but according to the wisdom of Kabbalah this is not really a gap, but the ascent of the new generation to the next dimension. The young people of the new generation will attain it; their consciousness will change completely; they will not regard corporeal problems and there will actually be none.

Modern robotics and scientific discoveries will ensure that we will not have to think about anything but how to build the correct society, since otherwise we will be destroyed.

We have to find out precisely what options we have: either to build one unique network between us, or this is where we will all be buried.

Question: Do people understand that they are in prison?

Answer: It isn’t a prison but a very simple action of the universe, which we have to respond to in order to survive. If a global flood threatened our lives, we would have to take some measures otherwise we would drown.

Similarly, a new system is approaching us, a totally new paradigm, a new level of existence, and we have to adapt to it. Those who will not adapt to it will not survive. It may well be that only a couple of thousand people from all of humanity will survive, and they will attain the new level of existence. Just like after the global flood, they will reach a new land and humanity will be regenerated.

This phase is starting now and I hope it will end in a couple of decades. Then humanity will understand what it is facing, the wisdom of Kabbalah offers a method by which we can quickly undergo this phase, with little suffering, easily, by understanding what is going on and, at the same time, in a qualitative way.

It doesn’t provide us with a tranquilizer in order to mitigate the unavoidable transition to the next phase of united humanity, but it offers us a way to understand the process and to do it by ourselves. This is how we will attain the new quality independently, and it will not only be a totally different feeling, but will lead to a totally different outcome.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 7/15/16

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