Woman – A Mystery Of Nature

laitman_547_06The woman is mystery of nature since she symbolizes our desire to receive, a desire that is concealed in us and is revealed only to the extent that we reveal the Creator. Therefore, if we yearn to discover the Creator, we reveal the feminine.

We will not be able to understand a woman until we attain this truth, because the feminine was created by the Creator and is the only thing He created, “and God created woman,” whereas the male is a little different from the Creator and exists in the world only in order to fertilize the woman, to fill her, to generate birth, so that eventually the female desire to receive and the male desire to bestow (the points in the heart) will appear in them in the corrected mutual state called their child.

This process takes place when the feminine is ready for correction, while the male merely fulfills his intermediary role. This is the reason that the woman, the feminine, the desire to receive, is nature’s mystery, which a Kabbalist gradually discovers to what extent she is opposite from the Creator and to what extent he can make her resemble the Creator.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 4/24/16

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