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Has The Wisdom Of Kabbalah Been Revealed To The World Too Early?

laitman_254_01Question: In your opinion, has the wisdom of Kabbalah been revealed too early? It is very detached from the modern world. After all, there are more practical methods to achieve, albeit temporary, harmony with the world.

Answer: You will be surprised, but in fact the ban on revealing Kabbalah The Book of Zohar  Ari 

You will be surprised, but in fact the ban on revealing wisdom of Kabbalah expired in the 16th century. It was hidden from the beginning of the first century BC to the middle of the 16th century when The Book of Zohar reached the hands of the great scientist and Kabbalist the Ari. Since then, the wisdom of Kabbalah gradually began to be accessible to everyone.

But the fact is that it was revealed very slowly, because it was necessary. People shunned and feared it because for centuries Kabbalists themselves hid it by creatingthe myth of the prohibition to engage in Kabbalah, to stay away from it, etc.

The successor of the Ari was the Baal Shem Tov who lived in Eastern Europe. In the last few centuries, beginning with the Ari, most Kabbalists came from that region so the spirit of their great powers remained in those places.

In this way the wisdom of Kabbalah was revealed a long time ago, but specifically now, it is necessary to spread it very widely because the world requires it urgently.The world may not be aware of it yet, but this is not necessary, it will realize the need in a natural way, like the way of wars and terrible problems.

It is better if we spread the method of Kabbalah, publicize it and talk about it more and more frequently so that we will prepare humanity to use it practically when the situation in the world becomes unbearable.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 4/17/16

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The End Of The Money Era, Part 2

Laitman_004Question: The Americans managed to cultivate patriotism and national pride among its people. Why hasn’t this happened in Europe from the moment the Common Market was created?

Answer: This is obvious. In the US there is one army, one police, one capitol, and one White House. And although each state has its own laws and management, it is purely a municipal division. And this is one country and that gave America a completely different look compared to Europe.

In the European Union there are thirty languages, thirty countries, thirty different cultures, and even different religious faiths that were fighting with each other throughout the history. Each one has a claim against a neighbor over boundaries. Each one holds a grudge toward the nearest neighbors. Therefore, there can’t be such unity between them as in the US.

In the US they have adopted a single principle: money and freedom of economic enterprise. As long as you act within the legal framework, do what you want and then everyone will be evaluated according to the amount of money he has in his bank account.

Egoism blossoms if it is allowed to work freely. It can be weighed on these scales. How much do you weigh? Only hundred dollars? And he weighs a hundred million, this is a respected person. However, it gives a clear value to everything and the entire system works smoothly.

Everyone is evaluated this way, whoever he is: musician, writer, or professor. The first thing he is asked is how much he is worth, that is how much money he has in the account. And this determines everything.

And in Europe everything is blurry, because the Europeans value culture, education, and the ideals of the French Revolution, i.e., all different values that can’t be measured with money. The Europeans keep them and value them. On one hand, this is good. But on the other hand, these are not clear egoistic principles that can lead to a common denominator to evaluate all countries according to.

One standard of measurement for everyone is required, and there is none. For the Frenchman it’s his French wine, for the Belgian his dried fish, and for the German his beer—these are more important than the whole Europe. There weren’t such differences in America so it was easy to connect people who came just to become rich and to provide a good life for themselves. But in Europe there isn’t such a simple principle, it is divided into a number of different values.

There is no one standard, no common denominator between the countries, and therefore they can’t unite. The common denominator isn’t very simple—this something common between all of us, between you and me, between you and him. We need to do some kind of averaging between everyone, but in Europe this won’t work. It isn’t possible to unite even according to the American principle: to enrich and create a United States of Europe.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/8/16, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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It Is Impossible To Continue In The Old Way

Laitman_120Question: How is it possible to give up the production of unnecessary goods if all resources and plans are concentrated in the powerful in this world and they cannot be reached? Ordinary people must work in production to provide for themselves.

Answer: Today, 80% of the products we manufacture are not needed at all. According to statistical calculations, 3% of the overall population of the Earth would be sufficient to work to provide humanity with everything it needs. All of the surplus products we manufacture are intended only to extract money from others to keep it in our “piggy banks.” And then the money loses its value, as is happening today.

Now banks have introduced interest-free loans and even negative interest rates. Suppose you take out a loan of $1,000. You only need to return $900. Is it clear where the economy is moving? It is beginning to work in the opposite direction. We don’t understand that we have created an artificial world for ourselves. Everything is already living in it according to spiritual laws and only humans live in the old way! Therefor we don’t succeed at anything. We must simply open our eyes and sober up.

Those who hold positions in the government in every nation want things to be good for the citizens, but they don’t succeed! This is because on one hand, we cannot work today with our egoism and the egoistic system that is tearing us apart and making us reject each other, and on the other hand, we are discovering that we are completely interconnected.

So it is possible to say only one thing here: before anything bad happens to us, in a good way or a bad way, we must understand the world we exist in. We see how the powerful people in this world are really powerless. They don’t have enough knowledge of how to manage the world, how to manage an economic and production systems. Everything is “running through our fingers,” everything disappears somewhere! This indicates we don’t know the system that manages us today. The world has changed. In the last thirty years it has become different and we don’t understand what kind of a world we are living in.

So the wisdom of Kabbalah has been revealed in our time. It was concealed for thousands of years specifically to be discovered in our day to explain to us what that system of forces is that manages humanity and the world today. If we continue to behave in the same form as today, then human society will go down the drain, in a free fall because this will have an influence on those strata of nature that will actually lead us to annihilation. We already see today what is happening with the climate.

The wisdom of Kabbalah reveals to us the general system of management through which we see that such a possibility is not excluded that only a small fraction of the population of the Earth will remain. And this part will bring the mini-humanity to unity in any case.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 4/17/16

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The Spiritual Gene, Part 5

Laitman_712_03Question: Spiritual DNA controls me, it determines what qualities will be in me and what desires will wake up in me in the next moment. Who controls the spiritual DNA?

Answer: The general system controls it where all the spiritual DNAs exist and where the beginning and end of everything are located. In the beginning of development we all are shattered as a result of Adam’s sin. And the end of development is called the end of correction of this system. We are in the process that the system goes through from the beginning to the end.

Question: How does the spiritual system control us? How does the spiritual DNA control our material genes?

Answer: The control happens through the system of the world of Infinity. We are unable to understand it, because it is above our mind, and above everything we can imagine. It is impossible to explain; one has to reveal it himself.

After all, an ordinary person of our world is not able to perceive even quantum physics that seems very simple to Kabbalists.  All the problems in the microcosm and macrocosm are beyond the comprehension of a person in this world. So I can’t explain the manner in which the spiritual world dresses into the material one and sets everything that exists in it.

In order to attain this connection we need to exist in both worlds simultaneously. Then it will become evident how the spiritual charge acts in every material particle and controls it.

So, let’s sum it up. The spiritual DNA is an informational record (Reshimo) from the system of Adam HaRishon, and it exists in everyone. The material DNA is a biological gene, a special biological form that helps a person to implement his spiritual DNA.

The wisdom of Kabbalah teaches us how to achieve the connection between the material and spiritual worlds: faith above reason, the principle that there is no one besides the Creator, and He is good that does good. We fulfill all these conditions wishing to rise above our egoism and to be included in others, and all this in order to obtain the qualities in which we will feel the connection, e.g., the bridge stretching between the two worlds.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 7/12/16

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New Life #345 – Peace With Nature

New Life #345 – Peace With Nature
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Nitzah Mazoz

What is this concept called peace, between which forces are balanced, what is supposed to be found in peace and through what actions can it be reached?


Peace (Shalom) is wholeness (Shlemut), that can exist on condition that we know the forces of nature and create an agreement (Hashlemah) among them.

In nature everything is built upon two opposing forces, plus and minus, hot and cold, reception and giving. All our relationships require balance between reception and giving.

Nature is revealed today as an inclusive network of connections; we are out of balance with it, we lack peace. Peace agreements as they always have been as various compromises won’t help. Now we must adapt to the laws of nature. Today we must achieve true peace, the adaptation of the relationships between us to the general system of nature.

True agreement is not compromise; rather, each side accepts the needs of the others as if they were his own. And in the connection between the two sides, a third is revealed—the next level of human development.
From KabTV’s “New Life #345 – Peace With Nature,” 4/10/14

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