The Spiritual Gene, Part 2

Laitman_096Question: Where is the spiritual DNA of a person hidden?

Answer: The spiritual gene doesn’t have a place to be found; it is the same as not being able to find where the desire of a person hides. It is impossible to extract desire from the body, only when the body dies do all desires disappear from it. However, the spiritual DNA doesn’t appear and disappear because it exists in a space where there is no concept of time.

Question: How does the spiritual DNA select into which body to dress?

Answer: All individual spiritual DNA (Reshimot) are connected between themselves into one perfect system. And in order for this system to come to an understanding, awareness, and a sense of itself it has to go from the state of its full shattering and disconnection to the state of complete connection. The system should go through this process gradually, implementing itself and achieving unity through its free choice.

Part of the process that leads the system to the correct connection that we undergo is through external links. That is, we don’t feel that we are involved in one common desire and remain indifferent and alien to each other’s desires. This perception is called the sense of this world, meaning that all exists on the basis of the fact that we feel like strangers to each other.

The spiritual DNA determines all material development. However, it is difficult to trace this dependence because the spiritual DNA acts according to completely different laws where the beginning and the end connect together and where there isn’t any freedom of choice, but everything is strictly predetermined.

Yet with respect to the people taking part in this system, there is complete freedom of will, therefore the future is still to be determined. We may be distanced from one another but spiritually connected so much so that we instantly affect the fate of each other.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 7/12/16

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