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Does Fear Exist In Spirituality?

laitman_276_02Question: Is there a concept in the wisdom of Kabbalah like the fear of God? People are afraid of fire, floods, and other disasters. Should a person feel fear of the Creator?

If “There is none else besides Him” (Deuteronomy 4:35), is it possible to say that this is fear of God, or that this is a beastly instinct for self-preservation? Is there a similar fear in spirituality?

Answer: There is fear of falling into an egoistic desire, fear of losing paradise in our world. Spiritual fear is not about acquiring or losing the ability to bestow—in other words, becoming like the Creator—not due to fear about myself, but from awareness of the greatness of the Creator.

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The Whole World Is Inside Us

laitman_928Question: Does the wisdom of Kabbalah refer to the concept of an internal viewer, and if so, is there a difference between the one who feels something and the place he feels it?

Answer: When a person begins to study the wisdom of Kabbalah he feels the world external to him as the world inside him.

What seems to be on the outside is nothing but our internal attributes that are reflected to us on the outside. We see ourselves, our internal attributes, the parts of our internal system on the levels of the still, vegetative, and animate nature and man, as the world that is external to us.

This is evidenced in the wisdom of Kabbalah and also The Book of Zohar, a special book that was written 2,000 years ago, tells us all the secrets of nature. It says in the “Introduction to The Book of Zohar” that the world is depicted to us as being external to us, which is an illusion and that in fact it is inside us.

This is very difficult to perceive. The theory of relativity, which scientists are discovering today, describes the mutual integrality of the universe and that it is one-dimensional; this was already described by the wisdom of Kabbalah thousands of years ago.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 4/17/16

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The End Of The Money Era, Part 1

Laitman_115_06The sin of the first man with the tree of knowledge of good and evil was that Adam tasted what great pleasure can be received by bringing contentment to the Creator and couldn’t resist receiving it egoistically. He could receive this pleasure on condition that he would lead the entire world to connection, and in this way he would have created a screen on the egoistic reception. However, he didn’t have such screen and therefore sinned.

The revelation of this huge egoistic desire is called the original sin, and all of us, our entire world, are the result of this sin. The first time it was revealed was in the ancient Babylon. Once they discovered that egoistic union leads us to crisis, some of the Babylonians simply decided to disperse. The same thing is happening now in Europe and will soon begin in America.

And the other part of the Babylonians said, “No! We have a teacher, Abraham, who says that it is possible to find a force that will be able to unite us.” Since then humanity split and went in two different ways.

Those that went with Abraham and called themselves people of Israel also fell into the same egoism as other nations of the world. And yet they couldn’t become the same as the others due to the division that occurred in ancient Babylon that has run throughout the entire history of humanity. And to this day the same fight is going on.

Once a new egoistic desire was revealed in Adam, he couldn’t think about anything else apart from reception. Our entire world is a materialized consequence of this action, and therefore it is built entirely on material success. In it everything is measured by money, which is an equivalent of all a person’s actions.

We can’t evaluate people according to their psychology and achievements in culture and education. In the end, everything is converted into money. That’s the way it is organized all over the world, but nowadays this model of measurement is beginning to collapse. Soon it will be impossible to measure anything with money and it will disappear, no longer being the sole criterion.

The destruction has already begun in the United States, where previously there wasn’t any other way of payment except money. After all, this country was created by people from all nations and all cultures. They didn’t pay attention if your skin is black, white, or yellow, nothing about you worried them apart from money. Money has been a major force.

And now the force of money is disappearing and eventually there won’t be any model of measurement left. However, for the three hundred years of existence of America, it was very helpful that it didn’t take into account any values other than money.

It was different in Europe. America is one country where many nations live, but in Europe there are many countries and many different opinions, ideologies, ideals of freedom and equality, and the long history of mutual relations and conflicts between all the countries. Therefore the union wasn’t easy for them, and instead of connecting they started to fight.

After the wars, the Europeans attempted to unite following the US example, they wanted to realize the American dream for themselves. However they had to become a United States of Europe for that and this isn’t simple. They didn’t have one government and one nation. Therefore it didn’t work out. And besides, they were prevented by disagreement in psychological principles. In America there was only one principle, money! And in Europe there were many other principles, after all, this is a special ancient culture. Although, no matter what, one collapses from one side, another from another side, but in the end they both will be destroyed.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/8/16, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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Partnering With The Upper Force

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Why should I influence the upper force? After all, I am just a small person in this world. Doesn’t the upper force manage the world with great wisdom?

Answer: On one hand, you are right, but on the other hand, the upper force intentionally manages us in such a way to make it possible for us to study and investigate Him, to summon and awaken His particular influence and come in contact with Him in this way, and even to achieve a partnership with Him.

This is necessary for understanding the structure of the entire world. This way, we ascend from the level of living organisms that carry out activities without intelligence and understanding, to the level of the head of all of creation, all of nature. This is very important. This is what transforms a person into an Adam (Man).
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 4/17/16

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The Spiritual Gene, Part 4

laitman_231_04It seems that our life is built on account of the material genes that determine our appearance and qualities. However, in fact, there is a spiritual charge inside each of us, the spiritual DNA that leads us to where we can connect with each other.

The spiritual DNAs must meet, get included in each other and connect in accordance with our efforts. And in order for us to apply proper efforts we are placed into such an imaginary reality as our physical protein body.

Question: What does it mean to connect through the spiritual DNA?

Answer: We connect into one man, Adam. This is a connection where each one fulfills another in everything. I feel your desires, fulfill them, and exist only for this, not leaving anything for myself. And you do the same, and so do all others.

The wisdom of Kabbalah helps us realize our spiritual DNA, and everything exists only for this purpose. The material world is an illusion that doesn’t exist in reality. It is given to us specifically to confuse us and direct us correctly to the realization of the spiritual DNA.

Question: How does the spiritual DNA of one person differ from another?

Answer: The spiritual DNA is determined by the place of each person in the general system that is called Adam Rishon, first man. The place determines the spiritual purpose of a person, how he must influence others, and what should be his spiritual participation in the general correction. All this decides his fate and the material one too.

Question: If in the material world one person kills another, does it mean that his spiritual DNA was broken and worse than the others?

Answer: We can’t judge so unambiguously. There are a variety of different calculations here. But if he harms a specific person, it means that it is written in his spiritual gene because everything comes only from there. Our world is a world of consequences.

The material DNA is controlled by the spiritual DNA and pushes a person to all sorts of actions. Everything we do is connected with the spiritual DNA because everything comes from it. The material genes are just an animalistic body that acts according to the orders of the spiritual DNA.

Spiritual is the main thing, and the material world is given to us because we are separated from the spiritual system that is called Adam. And therefore it seems to us that we exist independently in our bodies. But there is not any freedom in this.

The spiritual DNA is defining, because it must reach realization, and the material DNA is designed to help her in this, like a donkey that serves a person. Our body is an animal that has to perform actions that help spiritual development.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 7/12/16

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New Life #344 – Leadership And Government: The Future Leadership, Part 3

New Life #344 – The Future Leadership, Part 3
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Tal Mandelbaum ben Moshe

What values should a leader follow? What system should he build in order to create a new society in which everyone can be a leader, and how should we educate youth to leadership?


A leader should be on the level of love of others and from there lead everyone to corrected relations. He has to lead an internal revolution in people’s attitudes to others, from hatred to love. A true leader is a person for whom love of others comes before any action he performs. He treats everyone like his own children. Such a leader combines feelings and rational thought in the middle line, since for him everything is connected and integral.

There are special exercises in the wisdom of connection that summon a special force that is concealed in nature which can connect us. Leadership is only by education. Any kind of oppression is wrong. An integral leader creates educational processes that enable every individual to lead himself correctly. A leadership course for the youth is needed. A leader’s greatness is determined by the extent to which he closes the gap between him and others and by his the love he brings about.
From KabTV’s “New Life #344 – The Future Leadership, Part 3,” 4/8/14

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