We Are An Ancient Babylonian Family

laitman_577Question: Can a person who adheres to the principle, “Love your neighbor as yourself,” be considered a part of the people of Israel even if he doesn’t ethnically belong to these people?

Answer: In the Bnei Baruch International Academy of Kabbalah, nearly two million people of all different races and nationalities study, and all are representatives of ancient Babylon who are now beginning to gather under the concept of unity because otherwise humanity will not be able to survive.

It is precisely because we are bringing the principle of unity to the world that this ideology is considered as something unique that belongs only to the Jews, but in fact, it belongs to all of Babylon, to all of humanity.

So, when we openly disseminate it to the world, they receive it well, and people come to us without feeling that they are foreigners. On the contrary, they feel a kinship with us and certainly not in any way inferior.

The fact is that all of humanity comes from ancient Babylon when suddenly the opposition between the dominant king Nimrod and a Babylonian priest named Abraham emerged. Nimrod believed it was necessary to develop capitalism, that is,  to advance through egoism, and Abraham said humanity had reached a state in which it needed to unite above egoism, otherwise it would destroy itself.

The people who joined Abraham and whom he took out of Babylon became historically known as the Jewish people. Nimrod’s policy led to the dispersion and settlement of all of the rest of the Babylonians all over the globe.

Thus the egoistic principle softened since people were separated from each other and no longer in such close contact with each other. And so humanity distanced itself from the idea of unity for 3,500 years. Today, we are again gradually uniting again around the globe as we are discovering the interdependence between us and the egoistic opposition to each other—that is, we have come to the same Babylon.

And we can’t do anything. Here also an alternative appears before us: either we cruelly fight with each other (Kabbalists wrote about the possibility of two more world wars, including nuclear force), or we succeed in explaining to people that there is no other choice but connection and unity.

The still, vegetative, and animate parts of nature are in correct mutual interaction. Only our egoism forces opposition between them. Everything depends upon people. Therefore, we are compelled—either by the rod or consciously—to reach full mutual cooperation between us as one single body.
From the Talk at the Moscow Jewish Cultural Center, 11/24/15

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  1. yes but how do we unite when we see what the crazy left is doing to people, with their trans agenda, islamic invasion of europe, wanting open borders and socialism, making women more crazy, you name it ? For that, we see we have to have boundaries and we prefer tradition and the difference of our nations even if there is the threat of war as ever.

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