The Tower Of Babel: The Desire To Find The Meaning Of Life

Laitman_115_04Twelve tribes positioned in a specific order around the Tabernacle of Revelation, each under its banner, represent the properties of a single Kli (vessel) near which all the members of the camp led by Moses gathered.

Question: Was this form first acquired by Abraham’s group once they left Babylon?

Answer: Abraham is the starting point from which the method of correction of egoism associated with the human degree in ancient Babylon was launched.

Adam was the first one who ever revealed egoism; Noah was next. Their non-egoistic cognition emerged as the first and second levels. The third and fourth levels belong to a selfish part of the soul, to the thickness of egoism.

The Creator corrected Adam by granting him a garment (clothing); as to Noah, he hid all earthly egoistic properties in the “cocoon” of the Ark, whereas in Babylon a Tower was built that reached the skies. It symbolized a genuine human selfishness, a lack of mutual understanding between people.

They really had something to rise above and to correct. At this point, Abraham revealed the methodology of correction of egoism and began implementing it.

Question: Can we say that Abraham called everybody to unite so that they would regain a sense of a common family?

Answer: No. There was no place to return to because Abraham’s followers were extremely diverse. They came from different Babylonian tribes that were completely estranged throughout the lifespan of several generations and reached the degree of a complete internal detachment.

They totally rejected the idea of unity! The only thing they managed to achieve was erecting the seven-layered Tower of Babel. This meant that their egoism was ready to move forward at all seven levels, to reach the Heavens and find out where the Creator was hidden.

The Tower reflected the Babylonians’ most serious internal aspiration in their search of the purpose in life. After all, at some point they lived, one might say, in a communist society, as one people, as fellow-mates.

Previously, there was no tension among them. Before their egoism exploded, everything was just fine, quiet, and calm. All of a sudden they began to seek superiority over teach other; then everything collapsed because they strived to attain the Creator selfishly.

Babylonians tried to embody all their knowledge of the higher power in the construction of the Tower. It was their understanding of how to reach the Creator. The Tower was a sacrificial place where all sorts of magicians and fortune-tellers could be found. Various kinds of manipulations that are still very popular and widespread even today were conducted there: spells, divination cards, amulets, red strings; everything was in vogue.

However, they lacked the most important thing—the desire to reveal the Creator. This is was their undoing.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 12/31/14

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  1. Dear Doctor Laitman,
    We hear much about the need to connect. Is it possible that the Torah in conjunction with the 3 pillars of religion serve to occupy the mind at 75% or 3 quadrants and that the mind is to drain this and clarify what it reads and lives into the remaining 25% and cumulatively this could be a model of 100 percent? And is it possible that each Entity or self must grasp the possibility of simulatenous living in each of the 75 percent quadrants and that the mind would need to understand this possibility to merge into wholeness.

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