Preventing The Zohar’s Predictions

Laitman_065Question: How did The Book of Zohar foresee all the events taking place now if it was written in the second century of the Common Era?

Answer: Even though The Book of Zohar was written two thousand years ago, its authors were people who felt all of the natural processes that moved, were moving, and would drive humanity.

These processes are concepts we learn along the axis of time. But in fact, time doesn’t exist in spiritual attainment; if a person rises above it, he can see everything that happens in the world from beginning to end.

If a person is corrected and his civilization is corrected, the adverse events predicted by The Book of Zohar will not have to happen. Without correction, the severe forces of nature will put pressure on all of humanity to lead us to achieve correction. Therefore, The Zohar describes how everything will happen in the world if a person doesn’t begin to mitigate these forces.

Currently, we are still far from establishing harmonious relations between us that will make it possible to soften these hard forces that are pressuring our development, therefore everything The Book of Zohar predicted two thousand years ago is materializing.

With the help of the Creator we will succeed in preventing the realization of the prophecies of The Zohar.
From KabTV’s “Conversations with Michael Laitman” 12/16/15

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