Does Fear Exist In Spirituality?

laitman_276_02Question: Is there a concept in the wisdom of Kabbalah like the fear of God? People are afraid of fire, floods, and other disasters. Should a person feel fear of the Creator?

If “There is none else besides Him” (Deuteronomy 4:35), is it possible to say that this is fear of God, or that this is a beastly instinct for self-preservation? Is there a similar fear in spirituality?

Answer: There is fear of falling into an egoistic desire, fear of losing paradise in our world. Spiritual fear is not about acquiring or losing the ability to bestow—in other words, becoming like the Creator—not due to fear about myself, but from awareness of the greatness of the Creator.

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  1. “three kinds of fear, one of them only is a root”.

    Thank you for these incredible courses rav Laitman, there are always a few magic words in your comments that totally and immediately change the grasp of the old world and announce the new one, courses that are getting in further depth, years after years, while still accessible to beginners or idiots like me at anytime. Of course the texts of the sages are some pillars but where would they be without you,? And how would we get an insight, meaning the truth of it, without your art and kabbalistic method of teaching? Please be well and take care of yourself (this is a very egoistical wish!) we need your lights big time I wish I was in Israel to take part and bring my share to this holy enterprise, but this is another story. Weeks after weeks I have to say thank you again for your support. All the best to the friends, yet it is you the rav. Lucky are we!

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