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Pride Parade In Jerusalem

laitman_600_04Question: In Jerusalem an extraordinary Gay Pride Parade was organized as a protest against one of the Rabbis who called homosexuals, “perverts” and the additional 250 Israeli Rabbis who support him. How do you relate to pronouncements of this kind?

Answer: I consider the Jewish people to be a single family in which there are different children, including these. And even if someone doesn’t want them, there is nothing to do, they are our children .Of course, nobody chooses to be born with these tendencies. After all, they are given to us by nature. So homosexuals struggle with having their natural tendencies recognized as normal because they cannot get rid of them anyway. We know that sexual attraction is a most powerful factor, even more than a craving for food. Humanity is constantly increasing its sexual inclinations. We see this everywhere, even on the Internet. So one must respect this and not relate to it childishly.

It is necessary to stop all of the pronouncements “against” and “for” and to become organized as a single family, because the main thing is the unity among us. We cannot do anything about this issue; we need to accept it as it is and not make it any harder than it is for people in whom such an attraction is latent from birth. It is up to us to let them live in peace and find appropriate partners for themselves, unless otherwise impossible.

The correction comes from us. When we connect, we awaken positive forces, Light that can reform the relationships between us. In this respect, it is up to the LGBT community to reconsider the purpose of the Gay Pride parades, not because it is forbidden or permitted for them to be held. It is clear that in a democratic nation it is permissible to hold parades like these. The question is, do we specifically want to emphasize what separates and divides us? Or maybe it would specifically be better to search for what connects us among the differences?

As long as we don’t harm others or exploit the weaknesses of others, every person is allowed to realize the lifestyle that is appropriate for him in his private life, including religious belief or sexual orientation. But it is important to do this without cutting off the ways that lead us to communication and building a single, united people.

So I don’t agree with the pronouncements of the Rabbis. This is human nature and there is nothing to be done with this. In any case, it is necessary to get along and live in one nation. After all, it is impossible to live with mutual hatred all the time. We already need to leave the state of “exile” and gradually approach building the Third Temple.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 7/21/16

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Contrary To Murphy’s Law

laitman_565_02Question: I have a sensation that someone is next to me all the time. For example, before I reach the pharmacy, he makes sure that they have run out of the medication that I need. And that is how it is with everything. How must I behave when life trips me up in everything like this?

Answer: Everything comes from the Creator. There is no need to be particularly concerned about this. You just need to understand that this is how we are being educated.

Comment: But there is Murphy’s Law, according to which a buttered sandwich always falls with the buttered side toward the floor.

Answer: This doesn’t affect the spiritual world because in the spiritual world there is only one law: the will of the Creator. Everything runs according to His will all the time, and I accept this as a given. So it makes no difference to me if He “arranges” the same situation for me 200,000 times. I always accept every situation as coming from Him for the purpose of my development.

Question: So you don’t try to understand why this is happening, but just take for granted that everything is coming from Him?

Answer: I don’t know why. It is only when I go through the situation and rise above it to a particular level that I can partially discover what it gave to me.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 4/10/16

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“Wealthy Jews Emigrate To Israel, Wealthy Arabs – The West”

laitman_628_1In the News (newsru): “According to the New World Wealth, in recent years, when many countries in the Middle East were destabilized due to the sharp growth of extremism, many Arab millionaires went to Western countries.

“Reporter Imad al-Marzouki on the Al-Masdar site wrote this week that, according to the same New World Wealth, rich Jews from Western countries move to Israel. …

“According to published reports, as of 2015, French Jewish millionaires in 2500 moved to Israel. At the same time in 2007, France had left 7,000 millionaires. A similar phenomenon is observed in other Western countries, including the UK, Italy and Russia. …

“Expert Iyad al-Manan, said today, after the Arab countries plunged into chaos, and the West was marked by a surge of anti-Semitism, Jews began to feel Israel more secure than anywhere else . Arab millionaires, on the contrary, prefer to send their money to the West because of the destabilization of the region, and these two trends are gradually increasing.”

My Comment: It is said in the Torah that in the end of days the Creator will gather His people from all the ends of the earth.

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How Can I Fulfill Desires?

laitman_940Question: How can I recognize my friend’s desires? What does it mean to bestow in spirituality and to fulfill my friend’s desires?

Answer: Your friend’s desire is to reveal the Creator. However, he can do it only if he has the same property of bestowal as the Creator has, at least at the minimal level.

You can help your friend obtain the property of the Creator by working in spirituality together. Then, there will be an action between you and him that will attract the Reforming Light.

Light is a property of bestowal and love. By becoming closer to one another, you will be becoming more similar to the property of the Light, and you will be accumulating the property of bestowal and love between you and your friends. The Light will begin manifesting between you, and you will sense it as the revelation of the Creator. This is the way you should work with your friend.
From the Convention In Moscow, Day Two 5/3/16, Lesson 5

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What Gives Us Hope?

laitman_943Question: What gives us hope?

Answer: The Reforming Light (Ohr Makif) does. It shines from far away and gives us hope and anticipation of future good events.

If you want to experience its effect, you need to be surrounded by people who already have this Light in the present rather than in the future. Then you will start receiving its radiance from them.
From the Convention In Moscow, Day Two 5/3/16, Lesson 5

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New Life 748 – The Attempted Coup In Turkey

New Life 748 – The Attempted Coup In Turkey
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Yael Leshed-Harel

The Arab Spring, the extremist Muslim world, will continue to grow. The world is advancing according to the plan of the creation to perfect mutual connection, and on the way we will have to recognize that all the evil that there is, is the hatred between us. There were those who dreamed about communism, others who dreamed about capitalism and then about the EU, but everything collapses. The plan of creation has always pushed us forward, but today we have to get to know it and act according to it. We have to learn what nature demands of us, to recognize the evil that is the ego and hatred, and to correct it to love.

Half of the Turkish people are inclined to Europe and the West and the other half to Islam. These are two opposite forces. The connection between all the attempted coups in the world is the revelation of evil in human nature. Evil is not a difference of opinion, but that one side wants to control the other instead of connecting above the differences.

We all have to be connected, and this is possible only by ascending above our nature. If we step on our ego, we will be able to connect above it. Everyone should have the freedom to do whatever he wants to and at the same time feel as friends. There will always be differences between people, but today nature obliges us to find a method to connect and to find the balance, to find the middle line.
From KabTV’s “New Life 748 – The Attempted Coup In Turkey,” 7/19/16

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