How Can I Fulfill Desires?

laitman_940Question: How can I recognize my friend’s desires? What does it mean to bestow in spirituality and to fulfill my friend’s desires?

Answer: Your friend’s desire is to reveal the Creator. However, he can do it only if he has the same property of bestowal as the Creator has, at least at the minimal level.

You can help your friend obtain the property of the Creator by working in spirituality together. Then, there will be an action between you and him that will attract the Reforming Light.

Light is a property of bestowal and love. By becoming closer to one another, you will be becoming more similar to the property of the Light, and you will be accumulating the property of bestowal and love between you and your friends. The Light will begin manifesting between you, and you will sense it as the revelation of the Creator. This is the way you should work with your friend.
From the Convention In Moscow, Day Two 5/3/16, Lesson 5

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