“Wealthy Jews Emigrate To Israel, Wealthy Arabs – The West”

laitman_628_1In the News (newsru): “According to the New World Wealth, in recent years, when many countries in the Middle East were destabilized due to the sharp growth of extremism, many Arab millionaires went to Western countries.

“Reporter Imad al-Marzouki on the Al-Masdar site wrote this week that, according to the same New World Wealth, rich Jews from Western countries move to Israel. …

“According to published reports, as of 2015, French Jewish millionaires in 2500 moved to Israel. At the same time in 2007, France had left 7,000 millionaires. A similar phenomenon is observed in other Western countries, including the UK, Italy and Russia. …

“Expert Iyad al-Manan, said today, after the Arab countries plunged into chaos, and the West was marked by a surge of anti-Semitism, Jews began to feel Israel more secure than anywhere else . Arab millionaires, on the contrary, prefer to send their money to the West because of the destabilization of the region, and these two trends are gradually increasing.”

My Comment: It is said in the Torah that in the end of days the Creator will gather His people from all the ends of the earth.

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