Pride Parade In Jerusalem

laitman_600_04Question: In Jerusalem an extraordinary Gay Pride Parade was organized as a protest against one of the Rabbis who called homosexuals, “perverts” and the additional 250 Israeli Rabbis who support him. How do you relate to pronouncements of this kind?

Answer: I consider the Jewish people to be a single family in which there are different children, including these. And even if someone doesn’t want them, there is nothing to do, they are our children .Of course, nobody chooses to be born with these tendencies. After all, they are given to us by nature. So homosexuals struggle with having their natural tendencies recognized as normal because they cannot get rid of them anyway. We know that sexual attraction is a most powerful factor, even more than a craving for food. Humanity is constantly increasing its sexual inclinations. We see this everywhere, even on the Internet. So one must respect this and not relate to it childishly.

It is necessary to stop all of the pronouncements “against” and “for” and to become organized as a single family, because the main thing is the unity among us. We cannot do anything about this issue; we need to accept it as it is and not make it any harder than it is for people in whom such an attraction is latent from birth. It is up to us to let them live in peace and find appropriate partners for themselves, unless otherwise impossible.

The correction comes from us. When we connect, we awaken positive forces, Light that can reform the relationships between us. In this respect, it is up to the LGBT community to reconsider the purpose of the Gay Pride parades, not because it is forbidden or permitted for them to be held. It is clear that in a democratic nation it is permissible to hold parades like these. The question is, do we specifically want to emphasize what separates and divides us? Or maybe it would specifically be better to search for what connects us among the differences?

As long as we don’t harm others or exploit the weaknesses of others, every person is allowed to realize the lifestyle that is appropriate for him in his private life, including religious belief or sexual orientation. But it is important to do this without cutting off the ways that lead us to communication and building a single, united people.

So I don’t agree with the pronouncements of the Rabbis. This is human nature and there is nothing to be done with this. In any case, it is necessary to get along and live in one nation. After all, it is impossible to live with mutual hatred all the time. We already need to leave the state of “exile” and gradually approach building the Third Temple.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 7/21/16

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