Solving Problems By The Right Intention

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What should we do with all the interruptions that our friends all over the world encounter now: One is getting divorced, another had his money stolen, another had a car accident, and another was hospitalized? How can we work with such problems?

Answer: There is nothing we can say about our spiritual path except to be patient and to study gradually and systematically, and at the same time solve the problems gradually at the normal pace.

You must constantly feel that you are doing that since it’s the Creator who presents these problems. When you solve them, you are incorporated into the force of nature at the same time, which thus gives you a chance to solve all the problems in the world at any given moment and to hold on to the right intention.

There is nothing but that. I am saying this because I have been through that myself. I have been through some very hard times when I had very serious and complicated legal and economic problems. The Creator turns things around so that you won’t know what to do.

In that case we must simply shrink ourselves and solve the problems together with Him, while we understand that “there is none else but Him.” He makes us deal with these problems, like we do with small kids (we know that we only learn from problems), and you solve them.

When you solve them corporeally, you are constantly holding on to the right intention that everything that you receive comes from Him. Thus you carry on a dialog with the Creator and are constantly holding on to this intention, to this inclination. In addition to that, there are the friends, the study, and everything else. This is the only way to see things! Just don’t cut yourself off! The gap is already a result of a deviation from the original direction.

The main thing is to constantly hold on to the right intention, quietly and calmly and to act only to the extent that you can hold on to it. You will see that there is a solution to everything. Suddenly, everything calms down as if you have poured water on a flame, the water is poured and everything becomes quiet.
From the St. Petersburg Convention 7/11/13, “Preparatory Lesson

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