“ECB Cannot Solve Euro Zone Crisis”

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Jens Weidmann, German economist, president of the Deutsche Bundesbank): “The European Central Bank cannot solve the euro zone crisis, Bundesbank chief Jens Weidmann told economists on Sunday, pressing the bloc’s governments to get their economies in shape and tighten their fiscal rules. …

“’Monetary policy has already done a lot to absorb the economic consequences of the crisis, but it cannot solve the crisis,”’ Weidmann said in his speech.

“’This is the consensus of the Governing Council. The crisis has laid bare structural shortcomings. As such, they require structural solutions.’”

My Comment: No one sees the end of this. And this awareness of the helplessness to regulate the economy is the best state of humanity. It should lead us, by the path of suffering and the realization of our egoism as evil, towards the need to change our nature by the method of integral education. It is gratifying to see how quickly the process of realizing the unknown is taking place… Suffering will force us to pay attention!

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