“Tough, Painful Years Ahead for Euro Zone”

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Angela Merkel, German Chancellor): “German Chancellor Angela Merkel rejected suggestions on Friday that the worst was over for the euro zone, saying the currency bloc faced years of painful reforms, slow growth and high unemployment.

“’One reason I am careful with my forecasts is the adjustment process, the changes that we are going through are very difficult and painful, Merkel said.

She said the bloc would not see the fruits of labor market and other structural reforms for several years, with 2013 shaping up as another challenge.

“‘Next year, and the ECB president said this, we will have very low growth rates, we will see negative growth in some countries, and we can expect very high unemployment levels to continue,’ Merkel said.”

My Comment: No matter how gut-wrenching, they must move from propagandists to realists. Gradually, we will all get accustomed to the fact that we do not rule the world, but it is controlled by Nature, according to a strict program. Get to know it, and understand how to adapt to it; it is possible by  studying Kabbalah.

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