The Two Possibilities To Exit From The Crisis

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Paul Krugman, the recipient of the 2008 Nobel Prize in Economics, Professor of Economics and International Affairs at Princeton University): “In an exclusive interview, Paul Krugman – who just published a new book titled End This Depression Now! – tells us how the Euro crisis will end.

“He basically sees two possible outcomes, both of which are ‘impossible.’

“One possibility is that the ECB aggressively buys peripheral debt and caps the borrowing costs of Spain and Italy, while simultaneously making it clear that they’re going to promote ‘expansionary monetary policies’ that boost inflation in Germany and help restore competitiveness between Germany and the periphery.

“’That can work… it’s still going to be extremely painful,’ he says.

“’Any solution is going to come out of Berlin and Frankfurt… Frankfurt will do the actual lifting, but has to have Berlin’s permission.’

“But would Berlin actually sign off on an ECB-based debt monetization, pro-inflation scheme? That’s very un-German.

“That gets to Krugman’s other possibility … Basically, eventually the ECB stops propping up all the banks (as they are now), and you get bank runs, bank holidays, and currency redenominations. That would mean the end of the euro system, which would then bring ‘cataclysmic’ effects, both economic and legal.

“You look at that scenario, says Krugman, and it seems impossible that the Germans would let the entire project disintegrate like this.

“So what happens?

“’I say it’s 50/50 … Either the Germans have to accept something they consider unacceptable, or they have to accept something, the breakup of the euro, that they consider something unacceptable.”

My Comment: The future has never seemed so threatening, but as economists’ think, the path to recovery lies only through the aggravation of disease. But the issue is, that the recovery will not follow because the disease is an indicator of disorder not in the economy, but in people, and what should be treated is the relationship between people rather than the economic system, which is its consequence.

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  1. hello friends thank you for teling the truths that the disease is a nindicator of chaos and disorder is in thea people not in the economy. the economy is juse a symptom orn a effect of that real cause which is in the hearts and minds of the american people.

  2. There must be a reason why the human robot was programed with such flows. I hope our creator gods are fully conscious of their creation and are willing to take some responsibility. What else could be done to end the misery on this planet, than to reprogram us. Are our gods capable to make it without slaves? I would doubt it. They must be very disturbed entities as well.
    GOD help us all!!!

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