Intention And Its Influence On Reality

laitman_928Question: Many people know that if they want to realize themselves, their lives, then before every action it is very important to stop for a minute and think: “What do I really want to achieve from my actions?” and then proceed to implement it.

Is it true that tuning into something I want to achieve, an intention before the action has a power to influence the reality and help me to achieve the desired?

Does setting what I wish to achieve, the intention before the action, have the power to influence reality and help me achieve the desired?

Answer: The intention is called what I want to achieve in the end. And then all my actions along the way are directed to the same state I want to achieve.

I am not talking about earthly intentions. Kabbalist works with the upper force that rules all of reality, and he is constantly in connection with it. He sees all of reality as emanating from this force that draws reality, both internally, the way he feels, and externally, which he perceives in his five senses.

Therefore, I take into account only this force because this is the only force that forms the reality. And my intention is directed only to this force—how I lock myself on it all the time, how I get closer to it, in every situation in my life associated with good or bad people, or with my internal states, or with animals, or plants, and inanimate objects—everything I feel I relate to the same upper force that creates this reality for me.

I seemingly exist in some movie that this force creates for me. Part of this movie I feel as if it scrolls around me and part is inside me in the form of my reaction to the actual movie. The upper force does all this both inside and outside of me.

The extent I need, in every minute of my life, to recognize and be adhered with the upper force that forms my reality around me and inside me, that is my intention.

Then I begin to learn what the upper force does to me by carrying me through all kinds of states, both external and internal, that is, my reactions to them.

On the basis of each state, the external and internal together, I need to declare that there is no one else besides this force and that it is good and does good, because it does everything, even the most frightening and unpleasant, only in order for me to turn to it as creating every state, because it is the first and the last. Only the upper force does everything occurring in the past, in the present, or in the future, all of this.

I start reaching such a state that I live inside this intention and my goal is to live in it all the time, together with the fact that I have to carry out various actions that the same force forms in me in both the spiritual and corporeal world.

In essence, this is my life. I gain by recognizing inside the same force what it wants from me, how it forms me, how it creates the upper world, how I attain it, etc. I advance in two planes: I need to treat this world as coming from above, and to the upper world, as rising to it from below.

I always live this way. Then my attitude toward my reality is called intention. There are many intentions described in the books of Kabbalists: how I need to relate to every step on my way, in my life.

Through the intention I form my reality. If I connect everything with the upper force that creates my whole life, both corporeal and spiritual, then I already live in one world and not in two because everything comes from this upper force and there is no one else besides it.

Then I influence my reality favorably; I build it because, in fact, the reality does not exist and everything depends on the way I construct it.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 2/18/16

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