Jews Are Blamed For The Terrorist Acts In Brussels

laitman_432Comment: During his interrogation, Mohammed Abrini, one of the three suspects in the terrorist activity in Brussels, stated that one of the targets of the terrorist operation was planned to be on the counter of the El-Al airline, meaning that the intent was to harm Israeli citizens.

Even before then, the Israeli Minister of Intelligence had expressed suspicion that a terrorist attack was being planned against Israeli citizens, but nobody believed him. In retrospect, it is probable that the terrorists were forced to change their plans when they discovered that there were no potential victims near the counter.

Following this statement, it is logical that they would blame the Jews because they tried to harm us, but when we weren’t there, they harmed others. This would mean that the Israelis were to blame.

My Comment: The terrorists’ implication is that: “Through its policies, Israel arouses terrorism. As a result, other people are killed. Therefore we are asking the Europeans to pressure Israel to withdraw from foreign soil. Then the terrorism will stop.”

This policy is working wonderfully, especially since it corresponds to the desires of the Europeans. They don’t want to see the Jewish people exist, especially the Jewish nation. Soon we will see how they will go out against Israel in partnership, hand in hand.

The reason for this is that internally in the nations of the world hatred exists toward the Jews for not carrying out their historical role, and I can understand them.

The Jews must unite and bring the world the world the method of unification through the example that they give to the nations of the world. If the Jews don’t carry out their mission, then the world doesn’t need them and will want to annihilate them. Conversely, if the Jews were to do this, the world would carry them on their shoulders with pleasure and make them into their teachers. This is what the world subconsciously wants.

Everything is in our hands. We have no reason to blame the terrorists or other people. All of those who are currently against Israel are right since Israel has not corrected itself and is not carrying out its role.

Let’s hope that the people of Israel will still understand their historical mission, get smart, begin to unite, and show the whole world an example of unity, which the world needs so much.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 4/14/16

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