The Wisdom Of Kabbalah Is A Wisdom For Perception Of The World

laitman_254_01Question: Why do you say that each one sees his own reality in front of him, which he portrays through his own characteristics, if all of us see the same world?

Answer: We all see one world at the moment, but each one of us can change the reality that he senses. The wisdom of Kabbalah is a method for the right perception.

I will see that basically reality is much wider than it seemed to me and that everything in it advances in a good direction. And this will not be an illusion or self-deception. To the degree that I discover the world and bring Light into my life, that is the picture that I see in front of me.

Question: Is reality itself changed or my perception?

Answer: The reality that I see exists only in my perception. From where can I know that it truly exists in a form like this outside of myself? I perceive the world according to my characteristics, but this doesn’t mean that it exists in this form objectively. If the person possessed different characteristics, he would see another world with completely different colors and shapes.

We are so used to a reality that we perceive through our five senses: seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, and touch that it seems real to us. But things aren’t like that.

A person is like a device with five sensors that are tuned to particular frequency ranges and he is used to living in a world like this. But if we turn the five regulators to other frequency ranges, we will see a completely different reality. Science has reached a discovery like this today, and thousands of years ago the wisdom of Kabbalah spoke about this. So the wisdom of Kabbalah (the Hebrew word for “bondage” means to “receive”) is called this because it is a wisdom for perception of the world.
From the Radio Program Israeli 103FM 2/8/15

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