How To Succeed In The School Of Life

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: I am a real practical person, one that does not believe in any higher power or  in anything else. I just want to know how to gain power over luck.

Answer: You can rule over luck if you change yourself to be like the power of luck.

Question: What if I am an atheist, can I rule over the good fortune according to your method?

Answer: It is not related to faith. It is a technique by which practical, pragmatic people who want to succeed in life reach a result much quicker.

Question: How can I rule over luck?

Answer: The force that moves you throughout life does not change. You have to become like the force. Just like a child who does not want to go to school has to change his view, his direction.

A child needs to see that if he changes himself to fit the grade he is in, does not want to change the grade according to him, but, if he sits quietly and studies, does his homework, then he can achieve a great goal as a result.

Question: As I understand it, the purpose of this whole school of life is to teach me to love?

Answer: It is true; there is nothing other than that. It is written, “You shall love your neighbor as yourself” is the main rule of the entire Torah.”

What can one gain by doing this? While reaching the properties of love you connect to a higher power and reach the same state in which this power resides in eternity and perfection, without any restrictions.

Question: Who is the supreme power in your example about school? Is it the principal?

Answer: Imagine that there is someone above the school principal, eternal and perfect. And he wishes for you to reach the same condition as him, to become eternal and perfect, at the expense of his internal changes, its internal transformation. When? Here and now! After all, there is no time and  everything depends on your effort and perseverance.

Question: What is a higher power?

Answer: A higher power is the comprehensive, sole force of nature, in addition to which there is nothing. And we are all in it. We exist only because this force is the power of love and bestowal, and we should reach the same state in which it resides.

We will reach it, since due to this force, we receive the Torah, the so-called Light that Reforms, a Kabbalah methodology, by which we can easily change ourselves to become like the power of luck.

Anyone who wants to gain power over the good fortune has to come to Kabbalah, and learn how to have good luck all the time.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 1/08/15

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