Changing Your Place Brings About A Change Of Luck

Dr. Michael LaitmanRabash, letter 78: Until now we haven’t engaged in constructing buildings and in things that are related to publicity. This isn’t our way, and our only goal is to disseminate the wisdom of the fear of Heaven and God’s work among people who support us and especially the wisdom of Kabbalah and the concealed wisdom for the humble who deserve it.

Yet in this generation, when the wisdom is poor and despised and every city is solidly built, but God’s city is humiliated to the lowest possible place, it is the time of the coming of the Messiah as the gracious know.

Therefore, I have accepted the request of our supporters who wish to expand our residence and to build a small temple for the wisdom and the prayer in the name of my father and teacher, a place where its springs will stem from and will spread outwards, and the wisdom will sing in public, and whoever wishes to know the Creator and obtain the necessary correction and training will come.

I appeal to all our brothers, the children of Israel, in whom the spirit of the Creator lives and who regret the exile of Divinity, to help us in this building and great work. And because of this we will all be rewarded with complete redemption, as it says in The Zohar, “And so the children of Israel will come out of exile.”

I hope for redemption of the total glorification of the Torah.

Your friend in heart and soul.

Today we start the regular broadcasting of the lessons from our new home, hoping that studying in this new place will enable us to disseminate the sources of Kabbalah widely to the public. This, of course, has nothing to do with the corporeal building, but with the efforts that we have made in building this place. Our great efforts operate the strength of our desire through which new people will be drawn here. We will also be able to go out to the public more powerfully, with greater understanding of the wisdom of Kabbalah, and will thus be able to draw people to the correction of the world.

When I first came to Rabash, the new building that was being constructed on Hazon Ish Street in Bnei Brak was almost ready. There was still work to be done inside in arranging the interior. They also tried to build it together with hardly any help from the outside. This is how Kabbalists have always expressed their desire to do things: We built a big Sukkah at Sukkot, and special ovens for Pesach, a gallery, and a women’s section and other additions. We always tried to build everything by ourselves.

I am very glad that during the construction of this building and everything that is in it, everyone did his best and made great efforts. The individual investment of the friends is eternal, both in corporeality and in spirituality. It all rises upwards together with a person’s intentions, subconsciously or consciously, according to his abilities, and it works.

I truly hope that as a result of our efforts and of the efforts that are still to be made in arranging the new building, we will be awarded with greater and wider dissemination both in Israel and all over the world. We are glad that immediately after we begin to study in the new building, there will be the great international convention next month. It actually begins now since we start the preparations for the convention, for the new form, for the new level!

Indeed “changing your place brings about a change of luck.” A place means a new level a person ascends to, a new desire. If we rise to a new level each time, then our luck certainly changes. Luck or destiny refers to the Lights that drip on the souls from Dikna of Arich Anpin, from the upper part of the head of Atzilut. So these Lights are certainly new for us. I do hope that now everything that we expect to see in this life will soon be fulfilled: the revelation of the Creator in the connection between us!
From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/25/13

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