Good Luck Creates Fate

laitman_760_2Question: What is the relationship and what is the difference between luck and fate?

Answer: Good luck creates fate. With the help of actions between us we can influence the mind that controls our entire life, which is called the Rosh (head) of the world of Atzilut.

From there, forces descend to us, but we can decide how they will descend and in what way will affect us. Then we get their influence in a good, beautiful form; we are ready for it. And thus the influence of these forces is kind.

These forces are called the “signs of fortune” or “drops of luck” (“Mazalot” – from the word “Nozel“/”drain”), since it doesn’t flow, but drops fall down, and there are gaps between them, similar to beats of a pulse.

The drops of luck descend to us and every moment organize how we can move towards the goal. Their action is goal-oriented. If I prepare myself in advance for the same purpose, then each drop’s action coincides with my direction, and then I perceive it as a good, pleasant influence—if I am ready for it.

The wisdom of Kabbalah explains what I have to be to get these drops of luck in the most beautiful form and advance with them as much as possible. Therefore, Kabbalah is called the science of receiving, from the Hebrew word “Lekabel” – “to receive.”

Let’s say I am in the car and a force is pushing me forward. If my steering wheel is turned the other way, the car will veer across the highway and no one knows what it will collide with. If beforehand, all my “wheels,” desires, look to the future, I aim in the right direction, then every time a drop of luck that comes to me, it acts for my good.

The wisdom of Kabbalah teaches us to go with the wind, not against it. Moreover, we can draw these “signs of good luck” to ourselves, to attract them with a greater force and greater frequency. We can really “embrace” the upper force that comes to us and strengthen its action. Then the pulses of this force will be more frequent and each of them will be more powerful in its effect.

In this way I shorten my path, which I am constantly in some situations in my life, feeling the pressure and making corrections, and quickly reach the pre-determined goal that I cannot change. But I reach it in a good, kind, pleasant, and short way, and this goal is my perfection and eternity.

Thus, good luck creates my fate, that is, from the “signs of luck,” the pulsations of this force, from their influence on me, I create my fate. Fate is my entire path.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 1/8/15

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