The End Of The Money Era, Part 1

Laitman_115_06The sin of the first man with the tree of knowledge of good and evil was that Adam tasted what great pleasure can be received by bringing contentment to the Creator and couldn’t resist receiving it egoistically. He could receive this pleasure on condition that he would lead the entire world to connection, and in this way he would have created a screen on the egoistic reception. However, he didn’t have such screen and therefore sinned.

The revelation of this huge egoistic desire is called the original sin, and all of us, our entire world, are the result of this sin. The first time it was revealed was in the ancient Babylon. Once they discovered that egoistic union leads us to crisis, some of the Babylonians simply decided to disperse. The same thing is happening now in Europe and will soon begin in America.

And the other part of the Babylonians said, “No! We have a teacher, Abraham, who says that it is possible to find a force that will be able to unite us.” Since then humanity split and went in two different ways.

Those that went with Abraham and called themselves people of Israel also fell into the same egoism as other nations of the world. And yet they couldn’t become the same as the others due to the division that occurred in ancient Babylon that has run throughout the entire history of humanity. And to this day the same fight is going on.

Once a new egoistic desire was revealed in Adam, he couldn’t think about anything else apart from reception. Our entire world is a materialized consequence of this action, and therefore it is built entirely on material success. In it everything is measured by money, which is an equivalent of all a person’s actions.

We can’t evaluate people according to their psychology and achievements in culture and education. In the end, everything is converted into money. That’s the way it is organized all over the world, but nowadays this model of measurement is beginning to collapse. Soon it will be impossible to measure anything with money and it will disappear, no longer being the sole criterion.

The destruction has already begun in the United States, where previously there wasn’t any other way of payment except money. After all, this country was created by people from all nations and all cultures. They didn’t pay attention if your skin is black, white, or yellow, nothing about you worried them apart from money. Money has been a major force.

And now the force of money is disappearing and eventually there won’t be any model of measurement left. However, for the three hundred years of existence of America, it was very helpful that it didn’t take into account any values other than money.

It was different in Europe. America is one country where many nations live, but in Europe there are many countries and many different opinions, ideologies, ideals of freedom and equality, and the long history of mutual relations and conflicts between all the countries. Therefore the union wasn’t easy for them, and instead of connecting they started to fight.

After the wars, the Europeans attempted to unite following the US example, they wanted to realize the American dream for themselves. However they had to become a United States of Europe for that and this isn’t simple. They didn’t have one government and one nation. Therefore it didn’t work out. And besides, they were prevented by disagreement in psychological principles. In America there was only one principle, money! And in Europe there were many other principles, after all, this is a special ancient culture. Although, no matter what, one collapses from one side, another from another side, but in the end they both will be destroyed.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/8/16, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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