The Spiritual Gene, Part 4

laitman_231_04It seems that our life is built on account of the material genes that determine our appearance and qualities. However, in fact, there is a spiritual charge inside each of us, the spiritual DNA that leads us to where we can connect with each other.

The spiritual DNAs must meet, get included in each other and connect in accordance with our efforts. And in order for us to apply proper efforts we are placed into such an imaginary reality as our physical protein body.

Question: What does it mean to connect through the spiritual DNA?

Answer: We connect into one man, Adam. This is a connection where each one fulfills another in everything. I feel your desires, fulfill them, and exist only for this, not leaving anything for myself. And you do the same, and so do all others.

The wisdom of Kabbalah helps us realize our spiritual DNA, and everything exists only for this purpose. The material world is an illusion that doesn’t exist in reality. It is given to us specifically to confuse us and direct us correctly to the realization of the spiritual DNA.

Question: How does the spiritual DNA of one person differ from another?

Answer: The spiritual DNA is determined by the place of each person in the general system that is called Adam Rishon, first man. The place determines the spiritual purpose of a person, how he must influence others, and what should be his spiritual participation in the general correction. All this decides his fate and the material one too.

Question: If in the material world one person kills another, does it mean that his spiritual DNA was broken and worse than the others?

Answer: We can’t judge so unambiguously. There are a variety of different calculations here. But if he harms a specific person, it means that it is written in his spiritual gene because everything comes only from there. Our world is a world of consequences.

The material DNA is controlled by the spiritual DNA and pushes a person to all sorts of actions. Everything we do is connected with the spiritual DNA because everything comes from it. The material genes are just an animalistic body that acts according to the orders of the spiritual DNA.

Spiritual is the main thing, and the material world is given to us because we are separated from the spiritual system that is called Adam. And therefore it seems to us that we exist independently in our bodies. But there is not any freedom in this.

The spiritual DNA is defining, because it must reach realization, and the material DNA is designed to help her in this, like a donkey that serves a person. Our body is an animal that has to perform actions that help spiritual development.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 7/12/16

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