The Spiritual Gene, Part 1

Laitman_632_1Question: If inside every person there is in addition to a material gene also spiritual DNA, then how does it get to him? Is this spiritual gene also inherited from parents to children?

Answer: It is very difficult to explain. We can say that the spiritual genes are not inherited, but the qualities that facilitate their awakening are transferred.

By giving birth to a new life, the mother gives material dressings for spiritual DNA. Of course, there is some connection between one another, since the characters of a mother and a father are passed to a child. These are relatively material qualities, but they nevertheless affect realization of the spiritual gene. After all, absolutely everything is aimed at the realization of spiritual DNA.

The material world has no importance on its own, no goal of its own; everything is designed only to achieve the realization of the spiritual gene.

Question: I have four children, but they are so different. They received the same genes from the father and mother, so why are they so different?

Answer: Because the father and mother are also different. Although they are the same people, inside they include many different qualities. And most importantly each time the spiritual DNA , the Reshimo, enters the world, it has a special purpose.

Therefore, for the sake of the spiritual destiny of the child, from the father and mother are selected qualities that aren’t the most dominant, outwardly displayed, and visible to us, but the ones that are most suitable for the proper growth of the spiritual DNA of the embryo.

Spiritual charge defines all other qualities. If our spiritual DNAs are connected between each other, we have to realize this connection. However, since we are not ready for it yet, we are placed into a material shell and it seems to us that we have material bodies, common affairs, and some kind of relationship.

However all this is just an imaginary reality, designed in order to bring spiritual DNAs closer to each other. This is the only function of this world. And then it disappears.

Question: Does it mean that any connection with some people at work, with neighbors, with husband or wife, any interaction between two people has a purpose to realize spiritual DNA that starts this entire process?

Answer: Of course. This world doesn’t have any other function apart from this: providing us with a place of work and bringing us closer to each other at a time when we can’t yet influence our spiritual DNA and begin working with it directly, like in a laboratory.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 7/12/16

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