Gradual Correction

laitman_549_01Torah, “Deuteronomy,” 7:22: And the Lord, your God, will drive out those nations from before you, little by little. You will not be able to destroy them quickly, lest the beasts of the field outnumber you.

If you decide to correct those desires that you can’t control, you won’t be able to persuade them to turn from egoistic desires into altruistic ones. You won’t have the inner pressure to correct them. The pleasure that you have to give up is too great; it lurks behind them.

Or you will have to overcome very great difficulties and pressure in order to correct them to bestowal to others. Or, in seeing what fulfillment you pass to other people, you won’t feel that they are the same as you, even greater than you. A lot of different obstacles appear here, and therefore it is necessary to do everything gradually.

After all, if you won’t be able to correct desires on the human level, then you’ll have problems on the animal level with desires that are called beasts of the field. They will attack you and you won’t be able to deal with them.

Therefore we shouldn’t get ahead of ourselves. The Torah speaks about gradual correction where a person clearly ascertains in himself all his possibilities and abilities and understands what he does.

How often in life do we undertake some vows, but in a couple of days break them? We understand that we don’t have the strength to keep them.

When you are going to perform some corrections you should understand what you are refusing and how you will feel if others will get everything you refused. It means that this entire beautiful, perfect fulfillment that you were receiving in your egoism and enjoyed, you gave to others and now they enjoy and feel spiritual joy.

It turns out that you go into some kind of seclusion and they enjoy. At the same time they are at the same degree as you are.  Envy, jealousy, etc. may erupt. And all this is in order to finish the current degree of correction.

This actually is the part when envy tears you apart and turns into a new egoistic degree. Exactly here the correction starts. After all, you can return it and receive double the pleasure—what you took from them and from what you are filled with. So the beasts of the field arise in you.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 4/27/16

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