Reveal, Correct, Fulfill

Dr. Michael LaitmanOnly two elements exist in reality: the Creator and the creature. Ultimately, the creature feels the abundance the Creator gives to it. And if the creature changes, it happens because the Creator changes it whether for the best or the worst, in all different forms, depending on subjective sensations.

We give different names to the Creator’s influence upon the creature: “judgment” and “mercy,” “good” and “evil,” according to what is being revealed to us. One way or another, all these definitions do not go beyond good and evil because they are conditioned by our desire to receive pleasure.

There are simply many forms of good and evil since the desire for pleasure consists of different levels. The Light has imprinted different forms in it with its influence. This is why we divide the Creator’s influence into three types:

  • the Light that reveals the vessels;
  • the Light that corrects the vessels;
  • the Light that fulfills the vessels.

This is the order: revelation, correction, fulfillment. This process consists of many stages inherent to every desire and groups of desires that are included in one another. They are all distinguished according to their level of Aviut (coarseness) in depth and power, and their mixing evokes thousands and thousands of responses in us.

For example, a part of my desire is in the stage of revelation, another part is going through correction, and the third part already might be fulfilled. Correlations of desires are so diverse and change so much that we experience a countless amount of reactions and sensations. They form the image of the world where we exist.

In the end, we only perceive the manifestation of the force of desire, broken into many pieces in our perception. Naturally, we are unable to control desires, their groups and combinations, and especially the stages that we experience. This is why in our advancement we only need to strive toward the greatest closeness to the Creator, the property of love and bestowal, toward unity.

We evoke the Light, its strength, and its manifestation through this aspiration. As it approaches us, we go through the stages of revelation, correction, and fulfillment in our desires.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/1/2011, Writings of Rabash

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