The Entire World Is Inside Us

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Torah addresses only humans and speaks about things that are internal to us: the Creator, Moshe, people, etc. Each of us has to organize these elements, because no matter what we feel, we feel it inside us.

You can keep saying a thousand times that a glass exists outside of you. However, how can it possibly be so, if you perceive it internally? “No! I see it sitting on the table!”  So, it means that you feel both the glass and the table inside you.

Consequently, everything we talk about, the entire world is inside us, including the Creator.

This explains why when we portray the Creator in Kabbalah, the first thing we draw is the dot (point) of the letter “Yod”  and only afterward we write “Yod Hey Vav Hey,” the four developmental stages of the desire that start with this one point. The fourth stage is a concluding desire that feels tangible, serious, and mature to us.

The last stage of desire was instigated from the initial point similar to the entire universe that originated from a tiny spark that contained enough energy to feed this world and every one of us through today. In that minuscule point lies all the information and all matter of the universe.

It is a point that instigated everything that appeared as a result of an explosion and is the beginning of the letter “Yod.” That’s why it is said in the Torah that every person is a small world that encompasses everything.

No matter what we sense, it is inside us. This is why modern science, which has advanced by a billion light years, once again resumes exploring humans and concentrates on our potential and the particularities of our perception. Things that seemed remote and external to us must in fact be explored inside us.

Lack of comprehension of the way that we perceive external subjects prevents us from further advancement and precludes grasping the essence of life and organizing our further existence. In the near future, all sciences will end up studying Kabbalah.

It will become obvious to the scientific world that without this wisdom it is impossible to lay a solid foundation that will allow humans to correctly relate to our sensations, notions, and cognition.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 10/08/14

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