The Genetic Map Of Humanity, Part 3

Laitman_633_3Spiritual DNA

Question: Does spiritual DNA also affect our life the same way the material does?

Answer: If the spiritual DNA is revealed in a person during one of the life cycles, it definitely affects his destiny. A person begins to realize this spiritual gene. After all, this desire that has been revealed in him now, the desire for spiritual attainment, the new goal that is above this material life, definitely changes everything.

Question: It is known from genetics that innate qualities recorded in DNA define what will develop in a child. Are there any other genes in a human?

Answer: Yes, there is also a spiritual DNA. The spiritual gene, Reshimo, is an informational charge that is included in every person, or rather in his or her desire, and defines in what form this desire will develop.

Question: Is this information recorded in a person at his birth?

Answer: Even before that. After all, if a drop of semen begins to develop, it means there was spiritual information that caused this development. Exactly this information leads a man and woman to copulation, instills in them a desire to have a child or arranges an unplanned pregnancy for them.

There is a spiritual system that determines how each desire included in it must develop. Desires are connected in one network that is required to achieve a given state called final correction. This network consists of many desires that belong to all the people in the world.

This network is advancing in its development all the time. Based on this, it decides what will happen with each separate desire at the moment, whether to leave it without implementation in this world or to implement it as a person, man, or woman, and in what form.

It turns out that the spiritual system determines the form of our material life on this earth based on the need to reach the end of its correction in perfect form.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 7/12/16

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