The Genetic Map Of Humanity, Part 2

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Question: Is there something in the genes of human DNA that is known to the wisdom of Kabbalah, but not to geneticists?

Answer: There is an additional spiritual charge that remains a mystery to a regular person.

For example, in the people of Israel in different generations were people who weren’t born Jewish but joined the nation and became very significant individuals in it, although initially they seemingly had no Jewish genes. There were many such cases, especially in the times of the Temple.

Consequently, this information is not necessarily transmitted through the physical body, through parents. There is a part of spiritual information in it that leads to inner spiritual development and obliges a person to fulfill his destiny without any connection to the parental home.

For example, the parents of Rabbi Akiva weren’t Jewish by birth and converted to Judaism later. But it didn’t prevent their son from becoming a great Jewish sage, one of the greatest in the history of Israel. And where did it come from? It turns out that we can’t judge the spiritual DNA, the root of the soul, according to the material DNA.

The root of the soul is part of the system of Adam HaRishon. Adam is not a person, but a spiritual system in which we all are included through our corrected desires. And then we all unite into one spiritual body. Such a spiritual body, where all parts are in harmony with each other is called Adam, the first man.

If every person corrects his desires and is ready to unite with the same corrected desires of other people, seeking to unite like brothers into one body, one desire, then we all are connected.

And then inside this connection we feel the first man, Adam HaRishon, the joint desire assembled from many private desires. Each one annulled his egoism and connected with others above it in order to be with them in one desire, like in one body.

There are such souls, separate parts of Adam, who very much aspire for this unity, and they are considered to be high souls. And there are those who are not very eager for it, and even those that are completely indifferent to it.

Such a spiritual gene, called, Reshimois present in every human being in the world, the desire for unity: positive, negative, or zero.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 7/12/16

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