The Genetic Map Of Humanity, Part 1

Laitman_115_04Question: Genetic testing allows a person to learn about one’s personal hereditary likelihood of certain diseases and the effectiveness of different treatments, his or her ancestry, and the migration of deep ancestors. A person’s genetic map can reveal all this.  What can Kabbalah say beyond genetics, beyond physical genes?

Answer: Humanity came from ancient Babylon, which was the home of many small nations. From there they spread in different directions over the entire globe. Initially they had common culture and language, a more or less similar approach to life and family. However, since every nation settled in their own place, the nature of the terrain, the force acting there, and the environmental conditions began to influence them.

Every nation received a different influence and therefore acquired their color and character, according to the place they settled, in England, Europe, Africa, or in the East – India, China, and Japan.

A place made a person different from others who settled in different places. And those people who live nearby are usually similar.

We all came from ancient Babylon, all people of the world. I think it is yet to be discovered that there was a connection between South and North America, Europe and Africa. As in the spiritual sense, we are all descendants of Adam and Eve, and in the material sense we come from one particular type of monkeys that developed and spread throughout the world.

Unlike monkeys, humans demonstrated a special ability to develop. Monkeys don’t change from generation to generation, but humans change enormously.

We see how much each next generation differs from the previous one, as if they are made from a different material. The modern generation has a different attitude to life, family, children, and to all basic life necessities. All this changes from generation to generation.

Family is not the same as it used to be; the relationships between a man and a woman, between parents and children, the concept of home, kitchen have all changed, especially nowadays.

Therefore, I don’t think that we should be surprised by the results of genetic analysis. Did all the ancestors of Englishmen live in England? Two to three-thousand years ago, barbarians inhabited the whole of Europe.

Culture began to spread from ancient Babylon to the Mediterranean, and then from ancient Greece and Rome to Europe. People were already mixed when they left ancient Babylon. We look at a person and say that he is one-quarter Indian, one-quarter Finnish, and half French. But this is only what we see, and in fact, all these genes were already mixed in him when people were leaving Babylon.

Question: How are these characteristic features passed from generation to generation? How are they transmitted?

Answer: The properties are transmitted through the Reshimot, i.e., informational genes. This bit of information enclosed within the semen gives the internal and external image developing within a person. Parents aren’t just an incubator where eggs are hatched. There is a much deeper internal connection between parents and children that is passed from father to son.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 7/12/16

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