A Meat Diet Transformed The Ape Into A Human

laitman_231_04Question: An observation at Harvard University revealed that the ape became human thanks to a change in its mastication (chewing) apparatus.

The researchers claim that the hallmark of the evolution from ape to human, walking upright on two legs, is not just walking on two legs, but a reduction of the tooth-jaw mechanism as well. In their opinion, the main reason for this evolutionary change was the consumption of meat.

Answer: This is the opinion of the researchers at Harvard.

However, according to the wisdom of Kabbalah, the four levels of nature—still, vegetative, animate, and speaking—are necessary. It derives from a higher level. In fact, there is no evolution. There is a gradual appearance of the spiritual roots in our world, which seems like evolution to us.

But they are revelations, not evolution. After the root of the still level completely revealed its pattern, the root of the vegetative level began to be revealed. After that came the root of the animate level, and finally the root of the speaking level. There are additional intermediate levels between them, but this is not really evolution.

Nothing can be created in our world or something else developed from a single element. There is only a manifestation of a growing upper root that yields more and more consequences in our world.

Question: Do you support the theory of Charles Darwin or not?

Answer: When I talk about evolution, I don’t mean evolution according to Darwin’s theory, which talks about the transformation of an ape into a human.

According to his theory, this phenomenon happened on Earth by itself. I emphasize that Darwin was right when he claimed that the human was created from an ape. But he was not right about this phenomenon happening by itself on the level of our world. Nothing can be born in our world. That is the problem.

Our world is a world of results, a world of branches. The spiritual world is a world of roots. The moment that the spiritual roots come out and are revealed, their results are discovered here! So, we truly are seeing an evolutionary process in front of us, but, in fact, it is happening in the upper world in the revelation of the higher roots.

Question: What is evolution? The development of desire?

Answer: Yes, in the upper world there is nothing other than desire. The desire of the vegetative level develops into the desire of the animate level, and after that into human desire. In our world, desire is revealed as a result, as tangible objects.

Everything that we do in our world first happens in the upper world. It is said that a person could not move a finger were it not for a higher power that awakens a desire for this movement in him. So, there isn’t any connection to the chewing mechanism of the ape or to eating meat. Apes began to eat meat because this root was revealed in them.

If the roots and the results were revealed to us, we would look at our world and see a theater of puppets on strings where each one performs an action only according to that action from above—not even according to an instruction, but as a result of the higher force that necessarily arouses the appropriate activity.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 3/13/16

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  1. This points to the Control of the upper force, the researchers speak as if we have been trying to figure it out, that perception excludes the upper force and the still, vegetative, animate and speaking. The upper light is revealing itself to us, are we developing towards it? The laws of nature are not invented.

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