A Ban On “Jewish” Veils

laitman_222Comment: The authorities in Egypt may forbid women to wear veils and scarves that cover their faces because they claim that they were invented by the Jews.

Answer: The reason is not that. The fact is that now a relatively democratic government is in power in Egypt. They want to cancel various Muslim orthodox traditions as much as possible. So they have taken the opportunity to ban the wearing of veils in public places: at work, theaters, and coffee houses to defeat this trend and free the younger generation from it.

Regarding Jews,  they nourish dislike, to put it mildly, and even hatred, and so they say that the Jews invented the niqab.

Comment: They claim that it is said in the Talmud that if a woman leaves home without covering her head and face, she is violating Jewish religious law.

Answer: I have never seen Jewish women cover their faces. Their heads yes, not only on the street but also in their homes. A covering that leaves only the eyes exposed doesn’t exist in Judaism.

It is worthwhile to note that women wearing veils may appear more attractive. We know from the wisdom of Kabbalah that concealment is something charming, attractive, and bewitching. It is like a courtship, with only big, almond-shaped eyes exposed with beautiful makeup and everything else is covered. So the play of the eyes actually attracts a man more; he is magnetized by those wonderful dark eyes. So instead of concealment derived from modesty and distance, the complete opposite is created.

Question: And what does the Jewish custom of a woman covering the hair on her head symbolize?

Answer: This is a quite another matter. Covering the head is a tradition that comes from higher Kabbalistic sources. A woman’s hair is considered to be unsuitable and inappropriate for a stranger. But this does not apply to unmarried girls because they wore their hair loose all the time. Married women would cut their hair short and wear a scarf over their heads, which was always considered to be a sign of modesty and virtue.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 3/13/16

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