A Question About Why Women Need To Cover Their Hair

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: I googled this question: “Why do married Orthodox Jewish women cover their hair?” This is what I found:

“According to The Zohar and Kabbalah, Jewish mysticism, the woman is considered Malchut, or the “vessel.” The man is considered Zeir Unpin, or the “drawer of Light and energy.” When a Jewish man and woman marry, their Neshamot (souls) become one and they create a complete system. Universally speaking, the man draws the light down from the universe, and the woman is the vessel in which this Light goes—for her, her husband, and any children they have together.

How does she manage this energy? Through her hair. A woman’s hair on her head (and a man’s hair on his beard and certain parts of his head) act as conduits for this Light and energy. By covering the hair on her head a woman is managing this energy, containing it, and essentially “saving” it for her family. When she does not cover her hair, this energy can escape or become unmanageable bringing challenges to her and her family.”

Is this something that exists in authentic Kabbalah, and if it does, can you please explain what it actually means? Does a woman need to cover her hair? And if so, where can I read about this in the texts?

I thought that we shouldn’t associate our true self with our body because it was just matter? So what’s the reason for these “weird” rules about dead skin cells?

Answer: Unfortunately, the books are written by people uneducated in Kabbalah, and that is why they understand Kabbalistic texts literary, as if they talk about people in our world, and not the souls. It refers only to the desire, the only thing that was created, and its correction by way of the screen or intention.

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  1. What are your thoughts on someone studying Kabbalah marrying someone Jewish? Should I try to be marrying someone Jewish or does it not matter because Kabbalah has nothing to do with marriage and more to do with intentions? I just find that a lot of educated Jewish guy friends of mine are people I get along with better or understand me better than those friends of mine who are non Jewish (but no offense to my non Jewish friends, they are great as well). I just feel more connected with my Jewish guy friends. I guess I feel like I could marry anyone and make it work, Jewish or not, but I feel those who are Jewish “get me” more and there is less struggle to understand the little things and intentions. What are your thoughts on this please?

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