Cursory Thoughts On Shamati, “What Is The Reason For The Heaviness One Feels When Annulling Before The Creator”

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe goal of the work is to annul our ego and to try to connect between us. The heaviness we feel in this work stems from the lack of feeling the importance of this work.

On the contrary, everything is arranged so that I feel disregard: “Why do we need to connect? Who do we connect with?” I look at these people, at their faces, at their personalities, and I don’t feel any need to connect with them. I’m in such concealment that the reality I see before me repels me from connection.

This is why Kabbalists recommend building an environment, a group, essentially so that it will reveal to us the importance of the connection and love of friends. This is so because the more important the connection is to us, to that extent we will be able to annul ourselves and begin to connect with others. If I don’t try to find a way to obtain the strength, the importance of connection, I could wander for many years and not even get close to others in order to connect with them in a heartfelt way. Of course, according to this I don’t attain anything.

I heard many claims from people who are with us already for a long time: “I am here many years, what is happening with me? Why don’t I advance?” I didn’t answer them, but I would have liked to reply: “You are here ten years? You seem to me like someone who just got here. Have you connected to the group? Have you tried to build the Shechina (Divinity), the place where the upper Light that will be revealed to you and you will dwell? Have you worried about the vessel that is worthy of the revelation you are asking about? This is what has been placed upon you. Did you do this? So why are you counting ten years? Maybe during all these years you went backward and not forward?”

A person doesn’t examine correctly the efforts he makes in order to connect to others, but calculates the years according to the regular calendar, according to the revolving of the Earth on its axis around the sun. But did the person himself revolve several times in order to reach the goal? He remained as he was, and it is a sign that not even one year has passed.
From the 6th lesson at the Toronto Convention 9/18/11

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