A Mizva To Kill A Terrorist

Laitman_514_02Comment: The Chief Rabbi of Israel, David Baruch Lao, referred to the killing of a terrorist as a Mitzva. He also quoted from the Torah saying that: “You should precede he who comes to kill you,” and added that there is no need to fear the legal implications of the offense.

Answer: I don’t know how he can guarantee that since the state laws are not always the same as the laws of the Torah.

Comment: What is more, he added that if someone goes out to the street with a knife, he shouldn’t be able to return to his home.

Answer: It is clear why he went out with a knife and that he has no other intention but to kill. When terrorists are captured and interrogated, they don’t hide their intentions and declare their desire to kill; therefore, if you encounter such a person, you should do everything in your power to kill the attacker.

Comment: The Chief Rabbi of Israel believes that this is the only way we can stop terrorists.

Answer: I doubt whether it would stop them because they receive a lot of money for such acts of terrorism, and mainly because they believe that they will be rewarded by entering paradise, which is the most important thing for them.

In addition, the families of terrorists reap huge benefits, their homes are preserved, they are given grants and medals, and the terrorists are given impressive funerals. In the past, the British used to bury dead terrorists wrapped in pig’s skin, and then according to the Koran, a person cannot reach paradise. Then then terrorist attacks immediately came to an end.

We should also stop the grants that we give the Palestinian Authority so that they will not have the means to encourage terrorists and their families.

Moreover, we should destroy their houses and evacuate the families, which means, that we should do everything in our power so that they will not get used to committing acts of terror.

But the most important thing we should do is to unite among us so positive forces will reach our world that will force potential terrorists to change themselves, their tactics, and their attitude to Israel, to themselves, and to life.

This is how we can influence them in the quickest, easiest, and most effective way. We don’t need anyone in order to do that; we don’t pressure anyone and no one can blame us for anything. If we do what is up to us, we will not need anything else.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 3/13/16

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  1. And what about that Mitzvah that says “You shall not kill” are the laws made by men now suddenly more important than the laws made by The Creator?

  2. My details were submitted to the board in Johannesburg but I understand now that I am a Kabbalist first, The internal Torah is what I and the world needs.

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