A Common Ancestor

laitman_760_3Comment: A group of scientists at Britain’s Sanger Institute , which is one of the leading centers in the field of genetics, published the results of a large scale study. After a detailed study of the unique genetic structure of thousands of Europeans, they assert that at least half of the people in Western Europe come from a common ancestor who lived about four thousand years ago.

My Comment: Genetically this is possible, of course. After all, humanity grows very fast. A hundred years ago the world population was three billion people and today it is more than seven billion. If we make an approximation backward, quite possibly wild tribes wandered across Europe.

A few centuries ago Germany consisted of a few wild tribes, while today it is the most developed state in Europe. Everything happens very fast. Therefore, modern man is not very different from his barbaric ancestor. It is practically the same man who hasn’t changed at all internally.

Comment: One way or another, scientific research is basically a search for what unites Europe.

My Comment: It doesn’t matter. History tells us that the worst conflicts were actually between brothers. It is doubtful whether a person who digs into his past will be able to see the future.

He should relate to it but only in order to correct his nature. He has to totally transform his personality. But this requires a totally different system and the upper force that can perform the change.

In other words, we need a manual according to which we will be able to summon the force that corrects us, that changes each of us into a human being, Adam (Man)! A human being, and not a two legged animal.

Question: Will humanity aspire for the image called Adam?

Answer: It will aspire to it only if it undergoes great sufferings.

Question: Will humanity look for Adam as the first step toward its spiritual development?

Answer: No, it will not look for that. This is what the wisdom of Kabbalah is for. If humanity wants to listen, the wisdom of Kabbalah tells us that there was one man among all those who walk on their two hind legs, those who are called Homo sapiens, who was our special forefather.

Any of us who begin to work on themselves and try to create the soul inside themselves, begin to feel that they are the descendent of Adam, but only him. Thus after thousands of years all those who attain a soul feel that they are the descendants of Adam. Today such souls are alight like small stars all over the world.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 5/17/16

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