Life Beyond The Boundaries Of Birth And Death, Part 3

laitman_760_2Question: How can one survive the loss of a loved one? How does one deal with this pain?

Answer: I understand that a person feels pain from such loss, especially if it involves children. It is somehow possible to understand when parents die because we know that no one can live forever. But when children die before their parents, it is a great tragedy and one can only sympathize with such grief.

However, on the other hand, when a person starts to see reality on the higher degree that it is eternal and perfect, he understands that all the actions we perform in this world are very important and no one just disappears. Each person has a purpose.

Even if a person during this life hasn’t achieved the perfect state that is called Heaven, he has an opportunity to continue in the next cycle. Apparently, he has completed his work and therefore finished his life in this world. And now his soul will return again to fulfill its purpose in order to reach spiritual elevation during his or her life in this world.

It is necessary to rise to the spiritual world from our world using our egoism. This world is a reality that we see through the prism of our egoism, through the desire to capture everything and to protect ourselves. We are initially created with this limited perception of reality in order to build above it the opposite perception, instead of receiving for myself, extracting all the spiritual strength from ourselves and giving everything to others.

Therefore one world can’t exist without another. Our world gives us a perfect opportunity to reach the upper world precisely through using our egoism, which is called help against it. Precisely with the help of our evil egoistic force we need to build a good force.

We don’t delete our egoism, but build good above it so that love will cover all transgressions. This opportunity is given to each one, and if a person failed to realize it, he returns to this earth again. Therefore we see how generations after generations are born, and humanity grows and develops.

And our generation is special because it will be the first to start using the wisdom of Kabbalah, which helps us to achieve the feeling of the new world, for correction. If instead of grieving, we help others to reach this new perception of reality, we help our relative souls. Once they return to this earth to fulfill their mission, they will be on a different level.

We don’t feel it, but we depend on each other and are connected with each other, those who live and those who depart from this world. With our good deeds here, we influence souls that lost their bodies and exist only in the form of forces and not matter.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 5/5/16

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