The Main Task Of Our Times

laitman_938_01Question: I am 55 years old, have a Master’s Degree and successful management experience. What must I learn in the framework of Integral Education and who are the educators who can teach me something? What kind of knowledge do they have that I don’t?

Answer: Even if you had all the higher degrees in the world, this is not what you must learn in the “university of life”! In those integral education and training courses that will permanently influence the entire population of the world, only a small percentage of the population of the world needs to be involved in public works.

According to statistical studies, if we were to stop manufacturing products that are completely unnecessary, with which we confuse and stupefy each other’s minds, and we were to be involved only with necessary production for building our lives rationally without luxuries, we would see that around 80% of the population of the world would be freed from the need to produce and do something.

We are advancing toward learning the most desired profession, the most desired business, and the correct unification of all of humanity. Humans are the only creatures in the world in which the ego, lack of love, and even hatred toward others “burns,” while the movement of nature is aimed toward gathering us together into a single whole.

From year to year, nature is showing us more and more that we are in a mutually linked integral system. So through disasters, social problems, family problems, and wars, nature will force us to reach the necessity of connection between us so that humanity will acquire an integral, united form, like nature itself, becoming like it. This is what we must learn.

We see what is happening in Europe as a result of their egoistic attempts to connect; they are holding onto each other so much that they cannot separate peacefully. This approach is leading them toward death. That is how it is all over the world; either you enter into some kind of unity and then discover how incorrect and bad that unity is, or you don’t unite and nature and natural evolution will push you toward this anyway.

The human ego has evolved to such a dimension that it pushes us away from each other, while nature is forcing us to unite. These two opposing forces, the centripetal and centrifugal forces, influence humanity in such a form that it feels as if it is in a vise. And here we are already talking about survival.

So in our time the wisdom of Kabbalah has been revealed. It explains how we must connect and unite to resemble nature, to reach agreement with each other, and to achieve a reasonable existence. This is the main task of our times. But to carry this out, we must study many hours every day for this study to actually work. By learning how to connect with each other, we begin to discover the positive force that exists around us. As of today we have no possibility of discovering it; we don’t have that detector, apparatus, or device which can reveal it.

When we begin to connect and unite correctly according to what the wisdom of Kabbalah dictates to us, we will immediately see how the force that carries out all the positive actions appears in us, both among us and in the whole world on the level of the animate, vegetative, and still. Then everything will calm down and reach a general balance to the same degree that a person balances himself and compels all of nature toward this.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 5/16/16

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